KDE 4 for Windows and OSX!

KDE4 under Windows! Some pics:


What does that mean?

Does it mean you can run Linux apps under Windows?

Like the new Mac OS?

I don’t understand…:confused:

lol i got the same question here

It means this:
KDE is built on the Qt toolkit. KDE 4 is a big move to version 4 of Qt, which is much easier to port to other operating systems than before. It means the huge family of KDE applications (Konqueror, Amarok, KOffice, etc) will be easy to compile for Windows & Mac OS. Not emulation or virtualization or anything fancy like that.

KDE, the desktop environment, (Kwin, Plasma, etc) will not be ported over because Windows & Mac OS already have their own desktops and window managers.

I dont see the benefit here. Windows and OSX already have programs that do pretty much everything that the KDE programs do for linux users. What’s the point?

well i don’t quite get this too but giving all the futures to other systems will ruin linux soon they will also use XGL on windows and then there will be no magic :frowning: