KDE and Gnome-Warning, I have issues...

Now that I’m getting back to detailed modeling again on a fresh build of Blender 2.40 and Yafray I have to deal with KDE and Gnome.

Every time I use the proportional editing tools my screen freezes. I know that there is some other evil desktop feature claiming the “o” key. Of course everything works fine in IceWM. But I need all of the functionality of the KDE and Gnome desktops.

Can anyone tell me as a new user of Linux how to turn off any and all of the desktop features in KDE and Gnome that effect Blender? Thanks.

I could hunt down the features and take them out on my own, real slow and slick. I would try to make it as painless as possible.

BTW is this one of things that makes some folks want to toss their KDE or Gnome desktops?

I am also having some screen redraw issues. I have three panes (front, side, camera) and when I change materials, the camera pane flickers back and both to the new and old texture. Also, some of the buttons aren’t refreshing properly when clicking on tabs in a buttons window.

FYI - Ubuntu Breezy, Blender 2.4, python 2.4, Athlon 2600+, 1.0 Gb RAM, nVidia 6800 AGP.


I use slackware 10.2, kerenel 2.6.14(I think) & fluxbox on my comps at home and have no problem using any of the shortcuts. Although I am still new to blender and haven’t used it in a while. I try not to use Gnome or KDE their ok, I just like a simple desktop :smiley:

I use KDE at school though and I beleave their should be a spot in the main menu called System I beleave thats where you want to look, most likely you will need root privalage though. I’ve used blender in gnome before though and haven’t had a problem with it. Sorry can’t be more of a help,but I hope I pointed you in the right direction.

Sorry for bad grammer :slight_smile: ,

Arghhh! Now the proportional editing tools are freezing Blender in IceWM. I was modeling along fine. Then I closed Blender and reopened the file and I got the freeze ups again. Is this a Linux Build bug maybe? In windows I have no problems with this same scene. I could be my Nvidia Drivers maybe, I’m using the latest ones?

What flavor of linux are you running? Also I don’t think it the nvidia drivers cause I am pretty sure I have the latest installed on my main comp and blender is still running ok for me. You could try asking over in the LinuxQuestion.org forums. This link should bring you to the linux distribution forums section.

Maybe someone their has the same sort of error as yours and can help more.



Search for KDE

Even though I think it’s a bug I it could still be my system. I think that its a bug because the problem goes away after I export the object as an .obj file and import it back again. I will post this over at the Org website also. If it is a bug then we’ll have to try to fix it. Anyway, back to modeling.

Thanks for the tips folks.