KDE and vertex loop select


I normally use FVWM Crystal (which has its own oddities but oh well…) but I had to use KDE to show Blender to new linux users…

I have found that selection of vertex loops thru ALT + RMB interferes somehow with KDE. I tried deactivating use of ALT+RMB but I can’t get the vertex loop selection working.

Are there any KDE users who can give me a tip as to where to go in KDE configuration to fix this ?

Thanks in advance.


go into the kde control center

I believe it is under window behavior

kde uses key combinations like alt+lmb for moving the window

you can change that key [in the kde control center] to be the meta [windows or apple] key, or disable that functionality altogether

Thanks z3r0 d, I have tried that before but it didn’t work… don’t know why…

I found I had to log out and log back in after changing the KDE shortcut – Don’t know if you tried this or not.


It works ! Thank you guys ! Probably don’t have to log out…one thing was confusing me: vertex loop in edges apparently does not work. I mean, for instance in a cube, trying to loop select the edges of a face (using edge select instead of face select) only selects one edge.
IIRC it was working OK for a while before…

Thanks for the help ! :slight_smile:

A cube doesn’t have any edge loops. There are only 3 edges entering the corner vertex. Edge loops require 4 edges entering each vertex. Think if you select a cube edge how would it know which face to loop – each edge is used by two faces. The program is doing the right thing with respect to edge loops which is to terminate when it comes to a vertex that has more or less than four edges entering it.


BUT it used to work, at least for a while. Now it’s not.