KDE mascot dragon, Konqi

well… I thought I would do couple of backgrounds to be submitted to kde-look.org, and I wanted to have Konqi in it. problem was, that there was the official 3d model already, free and available, but it’s done (why?? why? why???) in 3d studio max.
through conversion I managed to get it into blender, but, well I guess you know, it was horribly distorted. wrinkly, broken… HUGE amount of vertices… etcetc… in other words, it was very much unusable.

so, I decided to model it myself… that way, I would get the nice optimized version for myself, that I could even add bones into and pose easily.

here’s how far it’s now…

what do you think?


Nicely done! I recall thAT 3DS version you posted on #blenderchat. Glad you decided to model it yourself. Looks great.

Good luck to you!



I think I can see some unsmoothness on the chest?


kewl model…needs texturing

thanks all… model is pretty much done, texturing comes next.

it’s not unsmoothness, it’s a scarf :slight_smile: Konqi has this scarf with a letter “K” in it… heh. it’s not very clear on these shots… you’ll see it better when it’s textured.


looks cute 8)