(Xtra) #1

Hi all!

Time for a new graphic. Actually I started to make a computer only, but then I didn’t know what to do with it. To put it on a desk is rather boring (in my opinion) so I decided to make a kind of KDE brochure and placed my computer in it.
To all of you who don’t know KDE: it’s a Desktop Environment for Unix and Linux systems. It’s Open Source and free. BTW: the KDE logo inside the pic has been taken from artists.kde.org



(acasto) #2

looks good, the textures on the tower might need a little work though. But the monitor and keyboard/mouse looks great. good job

(wewa_juicyb) #3

realistic. i’d ask you what spec’s it has, but it doesn’t exist i supose… bummer. Nice way of using a model.

(Xtra) #4

@ acasto: what do you mean exactly? Actually I didn’t use any textures (except for the keyboard close-up in the bottom left corner). Perhaps it’s a little bit to dark, so the color seems to be to gray. But if I use additional lights, I will lost the details at the cd and floppy drive.

@WeWa: what the hell is or are ‘bummer’?? :o


(Cryogenetic) #5

Looks cool. Very good work.
Just two small suggestions.
IMHO the tower would look better with activated smoothing. The proportions of the cd-rom (width:height) are not correct, decrease the width a bit.

Babylon übersetzt “Bummer” mit Müßiggänger, aber wer weiß was das im amerikanischen Slang bedeutet :wink:

(metro) #6

Sweet Lian-Li-ish tower :o
Nice brushed metal look… and wow, I had no idea KDE was looking so good these days :wink:

(pofo) #7

Very nice, almost real looking.

Slang. An adverse reaction to a hallucinogenic drug.
Slang. One that depresses, frustrates, or disappoints: Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer.
A loafer or idler.
A beggar.

(Turrin) #8

I have been out of German for way too long. I love that language. While I could read what you wrote, I no longer have the vocabulary or the spelling skills to respond in German :frowning: . Machts night.


(Xtra) #9

Hey folks!

Thanks for your English lessons! :stuck_out_tongue: I love it to learn new words.

@ Cryo: I didn’t want to use smoothing, that was my intention because I saw a similar tower a few weeks ago (in real live …).

@ Turrin: you love that language? One year ago I spent two weeks in Ireland (for business) and my Irish colleagues said, that German words often sounds ‘funny’. Don’t know what they meant exactly … :slight_smile: However, in my opinion English sounds better than German.