well, I finally did something with my Cthulhu model, although It’s not really what I had intended: a KDE splash screen!

I may do more with him later, if I get some ideas…

I can’t find the Cthulu. That site had me going in circles.

Modron, please try this link perhaps it will work better

Gr8RedShark: real fun desktop wallpaper but because of the color scheme not to my taste, I suppose I won’t try as my desktop wallpaper. Love the K pun, though :wink: and the Komposition, of course! :slight_smile:

“I can’t find the Cthulu. That site had me going in circles.”

try going to http://www.kde-look.org and going to the splashscreen section and looking for the most recent ones. It was posted yesterday (July 12. 2004).

OlivS: it was meant as a KDE splashscreen, not a wallpaper. But maybe I’ll do a wallpaper too, now. and maybe a widget/windeco set… and maybe some icons and a mouse theme… hmmmm… oh and i’ll need som 35 hour days too! :wink:

Cuthulu Lives!

Glad to see you found a way to put him to use. I’m sure you will find even better uses for that model if and when you have the inclination.