KeenTools For Blender 2.8

I actually don’t know. I let them know about this thread and they mentioned they would join. Hopefully we will be hearing from them soon. I am excited because their tools were favorites of mine but were only available on Nuke. And the Foundry’s pricing is a complete joke I refused to pay for.

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thank you :slight_smile:. I am going to wait then

Hi! Custom head/face models are in our plans, but at the moment it’s impossible to estimate when it’s going to be implemented. I don’t think we will release anything for modelling of other body parts any time soon, but at the same time it’s not a secret that we work on a product for the whole body modelling, only again no estimates, there’s just a huge lot of unpredictable research work ahead.


Thank you for the info, Artyom. I am looking forward to use it as a substitute to quick texture projection from just few photos. When photoshooting a moving object (body part), it is nearly impossible to get close to the quality of 3dscanstore assets, without complex photogrammetry rigs.

Really great, I would be interested in more flexible rates (such as per file or per conversion) such as for casual users or non enterprise clients.

i cant get over an error prompt
i use it with blender 2.0 beta

The minimal supported version is 2.80.


dont get good results wit this for internet images

How did you setup camera parameters for images from Internet? Currently FaceBuilder works only if all images have the same focal length.

I was messing around with some shapekeys but it seems the basemesh isn’t symmetrical. Because of this mirroring or transferring shapekeys doesn’t work. I made the basemesh symmetrical and put it in the the folder but the mesh would always have the wrong orientation no matter what, although it did work. If anyone in here is affiliated with the project, that would be a nice fix.

I tried using Facebuilder. Love the concept. but hate the interface. There is no “Clean way” to simply turn or angle the mesh to match a pose. It is truly trial and error.

Also I find that if you have a profile shot that helps establish the depth of facial planes and contours and do that before the tweaking begins

Overall, I have great hope for the program, with the wish being that there is a “Handle” created for the mesh, with XYZ arrows, as well XYZ rotational abilty

Hello, is there a tutorial for merging a head created from facebuilder with makehuman body mesh. I have felt several time to successfull merge them using boolean modifier… I have also notice that on the uv map from facebuilder, the mouth is open, is there a way to export the uv map with a closed mouth?