Keep Bump Texture Scale, Change Image Texture Scale?

I feel like I should know this by now-
I have here a logo on a hat, and I want to keep that bumpy material on the outside- on the inside as well. (If that made sense). Here’s my process-
I assign the first “Blue Fabric” material to the entire mesh.
I have a secondary material, just like the “Blue Fabric”, but it also has the image texture with the logo included in it as well.
I unwrap the faces that have the secondary “Logo Fabric” material on it, then adjust the orientation accordingly.
The thing is, this process also happens to scale/rotate/move the rest of what’s in the material, so the bump texture gets way smaller than I want it.

Here’s an image of what’s going on. (Any of my Kerbal Space Program peeps out there? :wink:)

Here it is in edit mode.

Here is the material node setup (if it helps much).

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!

Maintaing a proper UV for your 3D model, them create a new mesh by duplicating faces where you want your logo.

It is possible to have two different UV maps for the same model. This will allow better control between the different parts.