Keep curve animation when converting to mesh?

I create curve shapes intended to use as masks for objects, but to use them with a Boolean modifier I need to convert them to meshes.
The problem is that I have the curve objects animated using the AnimAll/Rotobezier tool. This animation gets lost when converting my curve to a mesh.

Is there any way that I can keep the curve animation in the new mesh object?
Or would it be somehow possible to use a curve as a object for the Boolean modifier? (Extruded 2D-shape)

Did you try duplicating the curve then use the duplicate to create cutting mesh object?

1.mesh cache modifire can also amimate meshes with anim all.its harder then animating curves,but with proportional editing its ok.

ridix, yes I did, thank you.

I seemed like a promising technique but I couldn’t get it to work properly. The mesh shape never matched the bezier curve, see screenshot where the top shape is the bezier and the bottom a duplicate of the bezier converted to a mesh. I used the point cache exporter.

Yes, I know, but I lose the ease of animating a few bezier points… Not really an option I would like resorting to.

Some years later, but I’m facing a similar problem.
My animations (shape key) are attached to the Curves objects.
But I need to create a mesh based on that.

Can you post a small, representative .blend file?


The .blend file:


Sorry. I was thinking about my original problem when I posted the file.
The files are representing that the shape keys (on curves) are not being exported to the glTF file.

As a workaround, I’m trying to export as a mesh to preserve the shape keys animations.

The following file contains the same Curve but now extruded and with a modifier.
You’ll notice when converting that Curve to a Mesh, the shape keys are lost.

Same question as, I assume. (copying it here so we are not duplicating effort)