keep hair on surface with bspline mode


I would like to know how to keep haits on surface with the bspline mode.

As you can see, it’s not good right now.

thx for your help :wink:


You have not shown enough details to know for sure, but I guess that it is the order of the modifiers on the object
If the object is smoothed using a subsurf modifier, and the particle system is before the subsurf, then the particles are emitted from the original surface before the subsurf modifier.


Particles before subsurf …

Particles after subsurf …

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Thank you for your help :wink:

New Mesh, no subdiv.

In fact, I need a second point near the surface, My mesh is not subdivided.


You are quite right, just enabling B-spline pops the root from the surface
There is nothing I have found that avoids the effect.
Interestingly, increasing the segments in the main particle system panel does bring the root closer.
But it looks as though the distance only decreases {inverse-exponentially?} for each increase in segments.
So I guess this is a ‘feature’ of the way B-splines are implemented, though it is still strange, because for me the first and last point of the B-spline should be exactly on a control point.

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To avoid this, I just add a point near the root, but it’s not really great.

A test.

You can add more segments in the particle tab. That’s not very perfect but that can help…