Keep image texture visible while in edit mode?

(grafix) #1

Is it possible to still be able to see your image texture after entering the edit mode? I was trying to use Blender to deform some pictures, so I had the pictures UV mapped to a heavily subdivided plane. The idea was to use blender’s magnet tool to move the vertices around so you’d get something like the liquify effect in PS. Plus you’d be able to animate it, too. However, I found out that upon hitting the Tab key, the textures becomes invisible, so it’s pretty much guesswork and tabbing back and forth… would be nice if textures remains visible in edit mode and gets updated with the vertex deformations…

(macouno) #2

Well from the nr of replies I think you may have gathered that nope… thats not possible.

Of course there are other ways to deform a mesh than using edit mode… like adding “hooks” or even armatures.

(grafix) #3

Yup, there seems to be no way to do that right now. I even tried Alt D but both instances reverted to edit mode when I tried to tab on one. Separate 3d windows don’t work, too…
I’m not a coder so I wouldn’t have any idea if such a thing is even possible. But if it is, wouldn’t it be a good feature to have? If you can see your image texture in the edit mode, then maybe it would be useful if you want to add edges or faces that aligns with parts of the texture, for example, cutting out holes or extruding parts based on the texture…

(z3r0 d) #4

it is planned, it’s just not a top priority