Keep logic bricks connected with dupliverts

I have an object with logic bricks and python which I need to make tons of copies of in specific spots. It can easily be done with dupliverts and make duplicates real. However, on all of the duplicates the logic links disappear. It’s way to much work to relink them all and still too much work to place each object manually.

Is there any other way to do this? Could a script be made that makes exact copies of the object on the target object’s verts or on empties made with dupliverts?

Use dupligroups; they are fully supported in the BGE and the logic is replicated. You still have to put empties with DUPLIGROUP turned on in each location though but that can probably be done with a script.

Hmm can you explain how to do that. I’ve never used dupligroups and I’m having trouble finding information.

dupligroups doesnt solve the problem but you can select all the duplicated objects (using one of the select by functions). and then select the original one at last so it should be on top in the logic view. Hit spacebar and enter “copy logic bricks to selected”.
hope this is helpfull.

Nice effort kaicent but the users are now, maybe dead ( as the thread, 2008)?!

doesnt matter,
this post was the first google hit after looking for a similar problem and it seems unsolved so i wrote it for everybody else who is looking for it.