keep on nailin'

Ok, here is a short animation of a nailboard:

Tutorial series:

I made it with blender 2.49b and some parts are rendered at the project.

I wrote a python script to set one image or whole video sequences to it.
Although it’s finished i’m interested in your opinions :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Loved it Sebastian. Great effect.


Awesome. I can see it being used for a music video or tv advert.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Gnarly… I like it. The guy smashing up his guitar was a nice touch…

Hey guys,
i made the first part of the how to create a nailboard tutorial:
Let me know, if something isn’t clear!

Just a thought, couldn’t you use dupliverts and a plane with a displacement map (comprised of a movie file converted to Black and white with high contrast) on it? Just seems unneccesary to me to make a script for something at is achievable very easily without one…

Hey Wefyb,

i remember trying this as i read it - but it doesn’t work. Trying it today i don’t get it to work! There are two possibilities: a) i miss something important (maybe one little button to press away from success - the displacement texture didn’t affect the nails…) or b) the dupliverts is done before the displacement and the displacemant doesn’t affect the nails. Could you give me a hint - i suppose it’s variant a and i’m blind ;)!

Beside this problem i love to script things and it was a good way to learn more about the python scripts in blender :wink: it took not too long to say it’s a needless effort!

Yeah. I was thinking displacement too. Very cool anyway.

FYI, You should post a screenie in the first post so that an image shows up next to the thread in the finished section.

Thanks for the hint and the compliment!

I will make a short overview post about the displacement method and the differences: the displacement is really fast, but my method gives you the chance to slide through an image set with setting only ipo curves - which leads to softer transitions without using any video editing.

Excellent video Sebastian, nice music too.

Really good job.

Thank you guys! Great to hear that you like it! :slight_smile:

Very very nice !
I liked the pong reference.

Excellent work , Sebastian. It does look like it’s made from real nails. And I think that it can be utilized as an advertisement material. Thanks for sharing!

Amazing animation and concept, very impressive!

Very creative and funny. Good job! :slight_smile:

Great that you like it! Thousand thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile: i would have made the camera move more though :stuck_out_tongue:

you could do more close-ups, i think it would look nice
congrats, that’s an awesome animation!