keep on nailin'

Very cool, I liked the animation and Ive always been fascinated with nail boards.

My only crit is that you could have added some very slow and subtle camera movements for the whole thing, similar to the pong section but not as strong. The camera could slowly glide around, because with a still camera you just fix your sight on the nailboard and the rest of the ‘negative’ space around the board is wasted, when it could be moving around and adding another dimension of interest to the whole animation.
You could even go as far as rotating the view around the board 90 degrees or more so another edge of the nailboard becomes the bottom of the image and the image has to rotate and adjust to the view of the camera.

I love it it looks fun to do. Is there a tut out there on something like this?

Thank you guys again and again! Wow i never thought that so much people would like it - impressive!

@gregzaal and AD-Edge: Looking backward i see the potential in more camera movements! But on the other side i like it, that the animation is mostly on the nailboard and not around. The idea to switch the bottom of the image is great - maybe there will be a second part where i play with our all minds a bit more ;)! The other thing i would do next time better is to chose the music first and then make the video. Thanks for the crits!

@Rallici: i’ve done the first part, the second is in work (at the moment i’m a bit short in time cause my diploma examinations):

Sorry if it is somewhere in this thread explaines how to make it, but did you made it this way??
Create objects with animation you want ,then bake it to video contains displacements map in resolutioín of nailboard (f.e. 1000x500 nails makes 1000x500 pixels video res) then this video apply to the displacement of nailboard.

Yea I saw that and dint :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for that.

Hey guys,

i finished the second tutorial part for the nailboard and wrote a short remark with the displacement method proposed by Wefyb earlier in this thread.

If you liked it and/or have hints, let me know it and write a comment or a mail! Even if you don’t like it i would be glad to hear where the problem is :)!

PS: Thanks again and again for the kind words!

:open_mouth: wow, very good job

:slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi Sebastian. Amazing stuff. I want to do something like this.)

@BlackCubes: I love that you love it :)! What exactly do you mean, the nailboard animation itself or the tutorials?

I saw your Blender love thread and must say: I wish i was as good at sculpting as you!

Nice ideas! It seems like a brick and domino stuff! Haha, wonderful!

Totally amazing and a very original concept - I’m going to have to force myself to find the time to go through this thread!

This is precisely the sort of thing that makes Blender and its community so incredibly awesome. Cheers!