Keep or start fresh?

Keep or start over?Hey guys. I have been messing around with blender for a few months and kind of picked up modeling kind of fast. I decided to start on my first project a few months ago but stopped early for various reasons. When i decided to get back into it, I recapped on this model while opening up all of my .blend files. Is it worth it to continue with this project? or is the Topology too bad? I am starting to refresh my memory on my modeling and how i made this with little to no experience. I know i can tweak it a little but is it too late? I wanted this model to be fully modeled and textured with a nice render. I was looking to make this character similar to Tomb Raider with cartoony features. What i mean by that is not too much detail. What should I do? And if I do decide to keep, What should i change immediately?

This is not my reference. It’s from Google.

The topology looks too dense near the center. If you do plan to continue this model, you should probably fix that by spacing out some of the lines and making some edge loops. However, I sometimes find it difficult to pick a project back up after ignoring it for so long because I forget where I was going next and what kind of look I was trying to achieve. You haven’t gotten too far with it yet, so I think it would be okay to start over. You should probably keep it just in case you want to come back to it someday. Hate when I delete something only to want to edit it a week later.

Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it. I will follow your advice and just start all over. i will keep this too just in case. More opinions are always welcome :slight_smile:

don’t limit yourself to just using your background image as reference. have some other angles loaded in your UV editor. They don’t have to be that particular character, but for example, the upper back area needs to be filled out more. You would be able to see this if you had additional angles to work from. the other thing is the topology. you want your polygons to spread out evenly like a fishing net. nice even squares for the most part. you can try to fix this using the vertex slide tool ( shift V ) and / or retopo. also important is for the edge loops to flow along your form in a natural way.

Thanks for the reply. I can see how adding another image in the UV editor is beneficial but with the topology, would spreading them out around the mesh be better than deleting some of them? I was looking at the topology in the link below from the modeling sticky thread and realized that i was really off with my topology in the middle stomach area. Looking at that link gave me the idea to start over. What would be the most efficient way to turn this whole object around? Or should i just retopo it after i model the best shape? Would retopoing be the same regardless if it is a sculpted item or not? Wouldn’t the geometry that’s already applied to the mesh get in the way?

if you want to sculpt it, just enable dynatopo, and that way it won’t be dependent on your existing topology. the topology of your base mesh doesn’t really matter as far as affecting the retopology process.

Okay thanks a lot man. I will be updating this but i am still learning so it might take a little longer than normal.