keep score between scenes

when i first started with blender game engine, I did a ball in the maze tutorial.

the tutorial explained how to change the scene and keep things like score and time data.
it was too advanced for me then, so I forgot everything… now I cant find any info on the subject :confused:

i am trying to control L, and link my score keeper to the next scene, but it wont keep the score, it resets :frowning:

TIA for any help :slight_smile:

You can do this with python.

Add a property to GameLogic:

GameLogic.score = obj.score

to retrieve this value:

obj.score = GameLogic.score

GameLogic is an object. It will not loose the user defined properties while switching to another scene.

I hope this helps

I hope you’ve been helped already, but maybe this can help you:

It’s the maze tutorial. (I’m doing it right now :))