Keep textures from blurring as you get closer to them ?

How do you do that?

Assuming you can have uv procedural textures, LOL

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do you mean, like when they get all pixellated and blender blurs the pixels together (in which case, you need to get higher res textures) or do you mean when you get farther away, and blender lowers the texture resolution (mipmapping- I’m not really sure what to do about that except for scaling the level)

LOL, thank you, I need a good haha just now, my computer chocked itself to death while I listlessly watched.

Well I haven’t been able to apply tex myself, so I am going by the stuff I have downloaded from others.

It seem when moving around and you get close to something it blurs as you get closer to it. They look great from whatever units you are back from them.

Anyway, so it is a just a matter of the res of the pics that were used. Good to know and thank you, Both of you. LOL.

yes, in GE, if the texture was like 128x128, and your monitor is like 800x600, as you get close, Blender has to spread that 1 texture pixel across like 8 pixels on your monitor. Same as outside of GE, which is why you saw all the recent threads about using textures like 20kx10k so you can, as Jeremy Ray says, “put your nose right up against it” and still have a quality render.

Hmmm, missed the chat about the hi res graphics. Makes sense. I guess it was a stupid question to ask. I should have thunk on it more.

So, when your character gets close to a picture, or wall or fish tank, can we swap out the picture for a higher res one? With no loss of view?

I know the engine is responsible for that as you get farther away. In a different engine, cant remember which, you could do something like this if I remember correctly.

ititrx, it’s not as simple as that.

People don’t use textures too large because:

  1. you will always be able to zoom in too far in a real-time environment
  2. using 2k-textures for everything in a real-time environment is going to kill your memory, trash your swap and burn down your graphics card

What the ‘engine’ does is called mipmapping, which is the process of scaling down your textures for objects further away. However, these mipmaps are all saved in the memory on your gfx-card as well.

Can you imagine how much memory it would take if everything had a 2k or 4k texture on it, together with all the associated mipmaps? :wink:

There are ways to make it so that another layer of smaller (tiled) textures comes up when zooming in on an object with a texture that’s getting fuzzy, but I have no idea if that’s possible with the BGE (sorry, I used to program those things myself, gives you much more options :))

i was wondering if anyone here knew of a texture swapping script that could be run upon a close proximity kind of trigger, so that the higher-res texture could be swapped in when your nose got close to an object. It would not necessarily have to be bigger; you could make like a checkerboard of higher-detail textures that would only be loaded on demand. Then you could like walk up to a display case or newspaper on the table and get in close to get clues or read the fine print. It would make a game that much more realistic. sorta like manual anti-mipmapping…?

Yes… Wonderful Idea.

Texture LoD…

LoD is actually shockingly simple. You have to use python but yes… I can see how this would work.

Runs off to computer with blender to experiment

LoD is actually shockingly simple. You have to use python but yes… I can see how this would work.

python? not necessary.

just make a two versions of your object one with hi-res. and the other with low-res.
then use the replace mesh actuator with a near sensor (which looks for the camera) so that when the camera gets close enough it replaces the low-res with the high res.
make another logic brick set that does the opposite when you get farther away.

edit: this would be easy except i think the sensors are bugged:rolleyes:

python? necessary.

Not only is it easier and more efficient, it is less buggy. Especially in this case. I have an example blend I will upload soon.

Ititrx, stop making so many damn threads!

Here is blend:

Python make it so easy…

Umm, why? You don’t have to read them.:no: Or were you just teasing me?

I’m here for answers just like everyone else, and to meet the gurus. Its fun. I like blender. And I help when I can.

Yes, I understand. But in one engine you had a choice, you could use three images for 3 different distance or just use the engine mipmapping. And thanks for the info.

I studied it last summer when I first started my journey, and had forgotten what it was called. :slight_smile: I do need to learn python if I go much further. Holding off till I have more time and understand Bits and pieces better.

Yes, that’s the right question isn’t it. I seems the image should blur as you recede and sharpen as you get close. It seems its back wards to me.

Mr. Crunchy:
Thanks very much for all your info and the file. :eyebrowlift:

OK, so I came across this in the wiki:

DoFDist- Distance to the point of focus. It is shown as a yellow cross on the camera line of sight. Limits must be enabled to see the cross. It is used in combination with the DeFocus node

I havent used it, but perhaps you can change the focus length as you get closer to an image.

Also this was added to another thread:

jessegp could also create the “survival horror camera” from resident evil. Essentially you would place barrier that would switch which camera was on in the level. That and a slow pan track to might look cool.

So it would be easy to swtich to a new camera with a different focal length.

Here are a few tips to help…

in your Nvidia or ATI control software enable the following…
(I make a profile for both blender and plenderplayer.exe…)

anisotropic filtering… 16X
anisotropic mip filter ON
anisotropic sample optimize on

Trilinear optimization FORCED
Tripple buffering ON

Transparency anti aliasing, will help out masked textures too, by smoothing out he edges too,

Dont forget to change the settings back after you are done… some of the above will make some games not work .

p00f, thanks… I have played with the settings but not found the right combo, so thanks, its a nvidia.