Keep vertex separate while being in one object

Hello, so i have my model which has many parts, and i am about to UV map it. But i would like to know how i can merge all the objects together, while keeping the vertex of each object separate or selectable from a drop down menu?

I don’t want to go back and modify some of the mesh and having to select each vertex and separate them again and again, if you see what i mean.

Thank you

To merge all of the objects together into one, you could select them, and use CTRL+J to join them all together. If you want to be able to select the vertices of each object from a dropdown, before you join them make vertex groups for each mesh. Select an objexct, click “new” below vertex groups. Name it whatever you want (it has to be a different name from the other objects’ groups. You don’t want naming conflicts). Then select all the vertices of the mesh, and click “assign.” You can do this to all of your objects. When you join them now, all the different meshes you joined should be selectable with the drop down list of vertex groups. Just select a group and click “select.”

Though if it were me, depending on the complexity, I would just join all the objects and use select linked using “l”. You don’t get a drop down that way, but when you select a floating mesh, it will select all the verts connected to it.

thank you very much, l (L not i) works great!

also thanks for explaining how vertex group work