keepin const distance b/w an object and cam

(EnthroneD) #1

is there a way to keep an object at a fixed distance from the cam, regardless of the cam motion??

lets say i have a planet in the distance and as the cam moves across a path, the planet should remain at the same distance with the cam as it was in the begining. hope i’ve managed to convey something…

(theeth) #2

just parent it to the camera.


(EnthroneD) #3

parenting would cause the object to move along with the cam…now this would appear terribly unreal, more of something like a fixed background.
consider the cam moving across a wiggly path…wouldnt the object move along the same path?? this shouldnt happen…just that the object should keep the same distance with the cam, but not follow it. anyway to do this??

(Alltaken) #4

depending on whch axis you want it to follow in relationship to the camera.

you can make an empty remain in a location in relation to the camera by adding a “copy location” constraint to it in the constraint buttons.
and also make a constrant copying the rotation of the camera.

you can then parent the object to the empty.