Keeping a cache cloth animation + wind

Im testing some different settings for a cloth and wind animation. Im struggling wih keeping the cache (on disk) pre baked animation. Sometimes when i switch to a different baked one, the cache suddenly says “cache out of date”. While i didnt change anything or moved anything.

What is the correct workflow of switching between different baked settings and KEEPING them?

Hi rombout,

had this problem also a while ago. Hope I understand you right.

There is no option under clothsim cache like for particles where you can choose external cached sims.

the way i did it was to cache the clothsim and cut and pasted all files into a new subfolder directory to save it. I also named the simcaches inside blender that way I could remember what i did before the cache.

Now when I cached every different versions and saved it to my subfolders it was and is possible to copy them back to ther root cache folder. Now you need to name it in clothsim correctly like the cache file. and it works.

Not realy sure if that is what you need but it works. Don`t know why there is now “external checkbox” option to choose the cache files in clothsim and maybe i did complete stupid thing but could not figure out a better way to use different cachefiles with clothsim.

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Well when you click “Disk Cache” it actually saves the files in the folder according to the name given in the list. I’ve the feeling when you dont fully bake all the sims it will overwrite it each time and doesnt loaded the test frame already made.

It seems only when its fully baked can i switch between them and keeping/reusing the already baked cache. When i click a different cloth sim and scrub it updates to the other one.

What i would like to see as well is that the settings are saved per cloth sim. Now when the bake gets destroyed or editted and you have made a different preset. When you want to redo the sim, it has the settings from the last input. So you lost all other inputs, unless you save them each time.