Keeping a child still during animation.

So I have two bones in an armature. Bone B is the child of bone A. I want bone B to follow Bone A most of the time, but there a few points in this animation when I want Bone B to be perfectly still while Bone A moves around. How can I go about doing this?

Usually this kind of situation can be handled using a bone constraint rather than parenting. Depending on what you mean by “follow,” a Child Of or a Copy Location or a Copy Rotation or a Copy Transforms constraint could be used, and its Influence keyed to zero when you don’t want the constrained bone to “follow.”

you could also insert a keyframe on the copy location (or rot/scale) checkbox for the child bone under parenting.

nvm, this wouldn’t work for your problem

Thank you both for responding, but I’m still having issues. When I apply Child of constraint the bone moves. As I reduce the effect of the child of constraint the bone moves back to where it was. I need the bone to stay still during the transition.

I’m sorry Proxe, I cannot find what you’re talking about.

The bone moving isn’t that unusual, given the way Constraints work, you have to compensate when either introducing or removing the Influence. One way to do this is to keyframe the constrained bone’s Location just at the frame where you want switch the Influence, set the 3D Cursor at the bone’s Location, and on the frame where the Influence is zero, snap the bone to the cursor & re-key the Location.

The reason the bone moves is that while under the Influence of the constraint, it is using the constraint target’s coordinates set, sort of as if the target is the local origin. When the constraint is no longer in play, the bone reverts back to its own coordinate orientation. This switch in reference frames needs to be allowed for.