keeping game running while loading scenes

Hi all,

I need to display a quite complex overlay scene over the screen at moments when the player scores a point or something IDK. Anway, when the overlay scene loads, the game and sound effects freeze for a few seconds, until the overlay scene appears, and then everything keeps going.

Is there any way to ensure that an overlay scene can load and the game can keep running at the same time? It’s just really jarring to have to game freeze all the time.

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when you start your game you can have your scene set as background scene, then when the player scores you can use set scene to switch to it

I’m not sure if that works, as set scene reloads the scene … and you loase the main scene.

But what you can do is to load the overlay scene at startup as well. Just let the camera show nothing. When you want to show something to the user move(rotate) the camera to the right place.

Maybe that helps.