keeping movie files small

how do you guys keep movie files small? am creating aquite a long animation and with avi raw it is about 60 megs for every 250 frames… :frowning:

oh, and another thing… do you need a site to post an image?..



OK, first of all, you need to get the Divx Codec from here ->

It comes with their video player, etc.

Then, get yourself either Virtualdub or Zwei-Stein, (there is a link for both on another post for freeware software here, or just do a search)

Virtualdub and Zwei-Stein are video editing/compression tools. They will allow you to use the Divx codec for compressing the avi-raw file, (Divx seems to get the best compression with the best video quality, IMHO).

Hope that this helps.

Also, you do need some sort of a site, but necessarily your site. You can get free image posting at yahoo, or something like it and then just post your links.


I tend to encode my animations with the
MPEG 1 codec – this appears to be a
safe choice if you want everyone to
see your animation (even SGI users).
In my book, the best encoder for this
codec is the Tsunami MPEG Encoder
(TMPGEnc). It’s a free windows program
and even pro animators use it. You can
download it here:

Have fun!


If you have access to or use Adobe Premiere, you can use the DivX codec for compression when rendering a movie. It really works great. Much better than any MPEG codec I’ve tried so far.

Is there an understandable explanation of the settings for Divx 5 or tmpgenc on the net?

thanks in advance


haunt_house wrote:

Is there an understandable explanation of the settings for Divx 5 or tmpgenc on the net?

Here are a couple for use with VirtualDub and Divx 5.

A quick and dirty tutorial…

A table of some compression results…

I’m sure there are more out there, but hopefully this will help a litttle.

great!!! I went with the tmpgenc and it works really well… thanx a lot…