Keeping Object Contained Using Force Fields

Hi everyone really hoping to get some help with this as I have been stuck on this for over a week.

As you can see I have some beautiful dolphins emitted by a particle generator ‘swimming’ through a tube. It works pretty well but I can’t seem to get all of the dolphins to stay inside the tube. They only bounce out temporarily and come back in, but I’d like to make it so even the flippers don’t pierce the tube.

Thank you!

Have you tried using a Curve Guide force to guide them through the tube

Ah interesting thanks Richard! So I can make a Nurbs Curve and run it through the middle of the tube, then set a Curve Guide on the Nurbs Curve and all the Dolphins will follow it? How do the dolphins ‘know’ to follow the curve? What about bouncing around in the tube the guide will handle that also?

It just guides them along the path, to a certain degree dependant on the curve guide settings. Particles, even when using a particle object, are just treated as points for collisions, the shape of the mesh has no effect, so to stop any intersection of the tube walls you will have to stop the dolphins actually hitting the walls in the first place. In real life dolphins are able and clever enough to not hit the walls so why make them in your simulation.

Thanks again Richard. Is it possible to do with force fields? I’m so close to where I need to be with this scene I hate to start reconstructing it around curves.

This is a known issue Richard’s recommended Curve Guide workaround is very usable thanks again