keeping the camera still whilst running an animation in BGE

Hey there!

I am currently working on a game in the BGE, the game requires an animation where the character does a 360 spin. The problem i am getting is that to keep the camera with the object, i have parented them together, but when performing the 360 spin, i would like the camera to stay still rather then spinning with the character. I have thought about un-parenting the camera whilst the animation is played, but the character is always falling, so un-parenting would leave the camera behind, please help!

You could switch the scene’s camera to another camera whose sole purpose is for cinematic shots then switch back after a certain amount of time.

Thank you for your reply! I can see what you mean, and that could definitely work, the character is always moving though and i want the player to be able to do the 360 at any point on there descent (Its a sky diving game) would this method mean setting up a fixed camera and switching to it when the animation is played? Would you have any suggestions for a camera that could follow the player, then not rotate around with the animation? Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried vertex parenting? Shift select the object you want to parent, then go into edit mode and select one vertex and press
ctrl + P. This will keep the camera still.

I’m getting confused between what type of effect you want. Do you have an example from a game or cutscene etc on YouTube or something?

If what you want is the camera to not rotate but still move with the player, you can use a vertex parent as Geometricity said. Or you could go in-depth into some python to set its world position to that of the player object.

Thank you Geometricity and MrPutuLips, this is really helpful and i will give it a go and let you know how it goes. I have added a screenshot so you can see the setup i am going for. The camera follows the wingsuiter as it descends down what will be a mountain scene, i want the dude to be able to barrel rolls, but at present with the parenting the camera spins around with it. Will give your suggestions a try, thank you again :slight_smile:

You can use the camera actuator too