Keeping the foot from straying too far from the leg

I made my character’s feet and legs as separate meshes and now I get the effect you see in the screenshot if I drag the feet too far away. I don’t want to have to re-rig this guy - so if joining the meshes will cause either the foot or the body to lose its armature rigging - that’s a non-starter.

Is there any way to tell the foot (or ankle) bones they aren’t allowed to wander so far from the leg?



yes there are, look around for calvin’s foot tutorials, or look at other rigs that do this. Such as biped rig by Cessen, or little_fellaX by me. I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of any right now.
Or you could always come up with a mechanic of your own by experimenting.

Thanks for those suggestions. I think, for now, I can get by without doing a fix. I’ll definitely be looking at those rigs to learn from them - especially Cessen’s. I like little_fellaX, I used him here ->

One general guideline is to think of your deform bones as separate from other kinds of bones, such as IK targets and driver bones. I usually separate bones into deform bones (which maintain the proper shape of the character), pose bones (which are intended to be viewed and moved by the animator) and other bones necessary to make the rig work. These can be separated nicely by bone layers so you only see the ones you want at a given time.