Keeping things clean? And finding them

So I’ve been using Blender for a week or so now. Something that seems to have avoided me is how to keep everything clean and tidy.

  1. I had a cylinder and duplicated it and scaled it. Blender created another Mesh (naturally). Then I proceeded to delete the mesh but the mesh object is still there but with a 0 next to it. I’d like remove it from the dropdown list.

  2. I have script files appended from another file. But I don’t seem to be able to open them cause I can’t find them anywhere. Now supposedly it’s in the file I used to append from but I don’t seem to be able to find it there either (and that file does have the original).

Being an eternal semi-noob in blender I think I understand what you mean. Select the outliner (it appears in the list of buttons in the viewport) and there you will see all your objects. When modeling it’s a good idea to label objects as you go along. Words such as door, handle, wing, tyre are more descriptive than circle, circle.001, plane, etc.

Hope this helps…

Edit: Um… I forgot to tell you something. When in the outliner select “show outliner” from the view menu… Otherwise you’ll see a diagram that looks a bit confusing. It should look like below. As you’ve can see I’ve been a bad boy and haven’t named all my objects as I told you above.


Actually I did find the Outliner but it doesn’t let me delete these non-used meshes. Same thing goes for the scripts that I don’t seem to be able that ARE embedded into the .blend file.

In Blender, you create an Object, and you give the object a Mesh. The mesh is composed of vertices, edges and faces. You manipulate Objects in Object Mode, and you manipulate meshes in Edit mode.

Your object didn’t get deleted because you simply deleted all of it’s vertices in edit mode. Blender does not assume that means you want to get rid of the object. To delete the object you select it when you are in Object mode, and delete the object. Blender gives little hints about what’s happening. If you are in edit mode and you delete, Blender gives you a choice of deleting vertices, edges, faces, etc (but not of deleting the object). If you are in object mode, Blender asks if you want to delete the object (but says nothing about the vertices, edges, etc.)

I alway clean up my blend files with the Outliner, so I’m not really sure why you shouldn’t be able to. As far as I know, your embedded scripts should be visible in the scripts window…

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the others say.

Oh, I’m sorry. My mistake. I meant the materials show up with a 0 next to it, not the meshes. So basically what I’m saying is that I’d like to remove some of these non-used materials. The obejcts are all possible to get with the outliner.

Also the script files suddenly showed up now. I figured out how to do it… when I opened this downloaded file I couldn’t choose the script in the text editor. But after I created a new text file the dropdown list appeared so I could choose the script. Is this a bug perhaps? I mean technically the dropdown should’ve showed up since there was a script there I think.

So my problem is with the materials. I don’t seem to be able to delete unused ones.

Press Shift F4 to go into data browse. It will probably be a list of objects. Press P, or the … icon to go up a “directory” and choose Material. You can then select them with RMB and press X to delete.

Save and quit. Reopen the file. The unused materials should be gone. Blender doesn’t automatically delete unused material blocks mid session. If the material has an “F” in the materials panel it means that it has a “Fake” user and will persist between sessions.

Thanks for the quick replies!
I think it works to my satisfaction now :slight_smile: