Keeping UV Textures after fracturing an object?

So i’m trying to do something where I have say a statue of something. I have all the textures set up with UV mapping and it looks great, but when i fracture it the textures get all messed up because I now have hundreds of separate meshes. How can i keep the texture the same after I fracture the mesh?

Not 100% sure if this helps but I had a similar problem:
My object, a bottle, had two materials Glass and a UV mapped Label
Every time I used the fracture tool the UV coordinates of the label became messed up - It looked like the edge boundary where one material stopped and another started was becoming skewed by the fracture process.
My Fix was to split (not seperate) the vertices that made up the label texture from those of the glass, they were the still part of the same mesh but no longer linked to the vertices with the other texture.
You need to give this new section a small amount of “thickness” by very slightly extruding it or the cell fracture won’t work.
As they are still the same mesh, fracture still works fine but the textures worked much better.

If your object is just one texture you could try Splitting the parts that get messed up so they are no longer linked to the rest of the vertices, the object should still fracture and you should still be able to use physics etc but the UV’s may work better.

To recap:

  1. Do all your UV ing and texturing
  2. In edit mode select an area of faces that you want to be sure looks ok
  3. copy them (Shift D) which makes new vertices disconnected from the rest of the mesh
  4. extrude them very slightly to give them thickness (so cell fracture will still Work)
  5. use the cell fracture add on