Kefka Palazzo

I’ve been working on him over 2 months now. I took a course in game character design with Jon Rush at cgworkshop. I’m currently in a sticky point. I have some of the body’s high resolutions sculpts decimated and brought into zbrush. However, when I do this I have been separating the low poly models into separate pieces with the split tool. What I’d like to do is to be able to join all of these pieces of the model together, while retaining ALL UV data. For some reason when I do ctrl J, only part of the UVS survive the merge.

THe model’s polygon budget is under 10k, with 4x 2k maps (color/alpha,normal, color specular, possible glowmap).


ahhh a bit too much specular for my taste but otherwise looks pretty good

THanks for compliment.
This isn’t the final look by a long shot. The specular just there so I can see the normal map works from different angles and distances. And it shows some of the meshes section breakdowns (weird colors). The final is going to be all one color, high res mesh, low poly with normals and AO, than all of the maps applied.

I will have some more images up today.

Does anybody know if I can merge pieces of geometry together and merge the UVs together?

Here’s a skin base test. Its going to be a bit more complex than this. I dunno if you can project colors in blender from one mesh unto another. That would be great for this.


Not sure why the normal is artifacting like this. Under the nose

I think I have the mesh merging down. Although I want to finesse the sculptures and get better normals if possible. This is a GLSL viewport. How do you get billboard/card hair to work with the GLSL shader? Ztranps?


Here is what I have done of the high resolution torso sculpt. The hand is removed since it will be mirrored uv wise later.

Do the wrinkles make sense? How should I push the vest area to look like its untop of the puffy sleeves?


Here is a quick color tests. I’m not sure if you can use a single texture with an alpha channel to to control both the colors and what parts of the texture should be transparent.


Some more detail work to the color map. Eyes and some of the hair roughed in.