Keith Richards portrait [kind of caricature]

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Few months ago (3 actually), I decided to model a portrait of the great Keith Richards :smiley: This is my very fort human-like modelling :smiley:
I have started a thread, here at the BlenderClan (french).

I began with two ridiculous pictures (front/side) and it get that:

-orthographic view

-side (solid)

-side (wire)

- front (solid)

- front (wire)

So I carried on this this:

- front, side, 3/4

Since I have modelled it, I have corrected the modelling problem on the neck side (ugly wire) :D.

I skip a quite big part of my work to don’t be too long ^^
After ears integration, some modifications and a more cartoon style, I have got this :

And finally yesterday I have decided to carry on this my sweet Keith :eyebrowlift: , and after an hour of ZBrush I have got this :

So, what’s your opinion on it, have your any idea to submit ? Comments ?
As it’s a WIP, it’s not finished yet !

I hope you’ll like him !


I like the cartoon style one, before you used zbrush, it really looks great!

Looks great! I like to see him textured :slight_smile:

… fantastic. Very similar. Can’t wait to see updates …

But Wiylin why ZBrush, not meant to say something but if you are a blender user why not try to use sculpt and do everything in blender…???

He he, well done, that’s his face.

Thanks guys (& girls perhaps) :slight_smile:

@andrepazleal : (weilynn ^^ it’s ok don’t worry). Why ZBrush ? Because it’s a bit better than blender sculpt mode, I don’t really use the scultp mode often (and ZBrush too), by the way I saw really really good things with the blender sculpt mode but one thing because I choose ZBrush is because it allows many more polys than blender sculpt mode (think that blender works slowy with 500,000 polys, a sculpt at1,000,000 polys is impossible with my configuration -quite good by the way-). But, sure, if it was better to use blender sculpt mode, I would have use it :slight_smile:

edit : some updates


topo isn’t really the greatest but the end result looks really good regardless of that.

Great modeling weilynn! He is perfectly recognizable even before the sculpting. I can agree with FreakyDude that the topology could be cleaner (particularly given that you were sculpting in details) but in the end it’s the result that counts and I think it rocks sofar! I can also agree with weilynn on the speed difference between Blender and something like Zbrush, on my machine rotating and zooming in Blender starts to slow down around ~4-500000 polygons, however sculpting is still smooth if I have ‘partial redraw’ on. I don’t remember how much I could reach with ZBrush when I was running the trial, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere around 2-3 million. So if you want to sculpt in pores and such levels of detail then likely Blender isn’t fast enough (unless you have a monster rig) but apart from that Blender sculpting is very good (I particularly like the brush ‘feel’) and chances are it will get even better.

Thanks guys :wink:

@FreakyDude & Romeo : For the topo, perhaps I will change it a bit but don’t forget it’s a caricature :smiley: So, I think by sculpting and sculpting and sculpting again I’ll correct some things. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve change some things like the eyebrows, and add some skin details. I think I’ll correct ears’ modelling and I may test a blender render :smiley: