keKit for Blender (2.8+)

JFYI: Given the new rules of “self-promotion”: Replying to questions in a thread where I’ve shared an add-on is counted as self-promotion, which is not permitted more than once per week.
There is special-cases/exceptions or what-not, but these are vague and basically just at moderators discretion - which leads to “maybe”, “I dont think this applies”, “probably?” - I’m not playing that game.

So, I will check in here more seldom, and answer only once per week max., to any and all accumulated questions in one post.

Personally I don’t think this thread looks like self promotion and fits into this new rules (quite vague). As i understand the main goal of this new rules is in having a legal base against aggressive self promotions (just in case)…

Yeah I don’t think replying, or as the post said ‘community engagement’ will get you in trouble for more then 1 post per week, that kind of contradict the function of forum, no?

Not sure which thread that trigger the new rules to be implemented, but I didn’t see you as “hard selling” your product in here. Well, this is my personal take and understanding of what mentioned there, apologize if I misunderstood the point :slightly_smiling_face:


What a shame. I always love reading what pops-up here. Been asking what the intent is for threads like these without going into specifics. Good people like Kjell shouldn’t be restricted or punished for the sake of some selfish-spammers.

From my understanding the rule applies if you are bumping your post to the top as a form of promoting the link/addon/socials without any sort of community feedback.


This is good that it’s solved! It was ridiculous restriction in its initial form. The addon developer and topic starter couldn’t post freely in his own topic :angry:

okay peeps we had our drama, now we can go back to business as usual fortunately :blush:

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Regarding the business… I mean the last changes in the Unrotator family :grinning:
Kjell, man, you rock! Super updade!
I can say nothing but the tool is freaking awesome now!
It was good idea with Shift-poly center!
I reassigned Unrotator on one of my mouse buttons and it works very ergonomically with Shift-poly center/ Shift duplicate.


Is the addon going to add the cavity bridge feature from kekit for modo? Here’s a video:


Every time I use align origin to selected elements on a single new cube the 3d cursor rotation changes on X axis by .000003 degrees

@Karpet98 I have no plans at the moment to make a blender version. Maybe in the future.

@whoDNA Floating point math :wink: I’ll round it off.

@ everyone - regarding the new self promotion rules:

  • I dont question the good intentions of the mods
  • I dont question the need for moderation in this area.
  • I am not that super concerned for my part.
  • I still dont agree with how its handled.
    – Edit; to make it super clear: I understand why. Disagree with (parts of) how. But:
  • I am ok with considering this topic settled & closed (it will always be up to the mods in the end) :smiley:

So, for everything else I will resume replying to questions as I see fit, and if I am banned/censored, c’est la vie. :relieved:


Hey bro don’t take it too seriously you understood it wrong (and Bart probably neither elaborate it clearly) , this is more for real self promotion or rather advertising, and here you are just doing your duty of giving your support and replying to questions, suggestions, etc from your product either free or paid this isn’t nothing to do with self promotion…


Just asking: Is there something like Modo’s edge extrude on inner faces edges ?
In Modo you have a bevel width and depth for these edge extrudes. Blender does only pull the edges out.

You mean like Inset?
or offset edge slide?

Offset edge slide, but with extruding the center edge. Thats at least how Modo does in one step. So two way gizmo.
But thats a good hint, comes closer.

Another question, in Modo you can do an edge slice based on selection, which also forces slices on polygons with more than 4 vertex. I don’t know if something similar exists. I think I saw something in a Maya style edge cut tool… Just in case you know.

edge slice from selection: not sure exactly how you mean. reference image/video?

I’m not sure if there is a 1-1 replacement.
There is an offset-edge in one add-on that comes with (I forget the name). But it is not meant for that kind of offset, although it works.
I did a purely vertex normal based on that idea in the last kekit update. I could easily add a face-normal average option to mine.

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Is there a script that toggles wireframe/shaded mode on selected objects?

Object/Viewport Display, Display as Textured/Wire on selected objects.

Yes, this one: Collection Visibility
It has right click menus for the outliner and hotkey options.

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