keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Offset edge slide, but with extruding the center edge. Thats at least how Modo does in one step. So two way gizmo.
But thats a good hint, comes closer.

Another question, in Modo you can do an edge slice based on selection, which also forces slices on polygons with more than 4 vertex. I don’t know if something similar exists. I think I saw something in a Maya style edge cut tool… Just in case you know.

edge slice from selection: not sure exactly how you mean. reference image/video?

I’m not sure if there is a 1-1 replacement.
There is an offset-edge in one add-on that comes with (I forget the name). But it is not meant for that kind of offset, although it works.
I did a purely vertex normal based on that idea in the last kekit update. I could easily add a face-normal average option to mine.

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Is there a script that toggles wireframe/shaded mode on selected objects?

Object/Viewport Display, Display as Textured/Wire on selected objects.

Yes, this one: Collection Visibility
It has right click menus for the outliner and hotkey options.

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wow… so cool !

Hey, How did you got these extra floating icons in 3dview below the prerspective iocn ?

Hi again @Kiellog :smiley:
Is there a way to clear the Kekit scene settings and then load the settings from the pref file?
When I open another persons scene and they have different settings it doesn’t load my settings but theirs, IE snapping combos are “wrong”

What actually happened to the problem with ‘view3d.ke_subd’ and auto smooth?
Its still disabling autosmooth. Just updated kekit. Or is that impossible to solve?

Hi, @Kiellog , how are you, man?
Wanna ask is it possible to create a tool for converting into object selection only elements with selected sub-elements?

Ah! I had not considered that scenario ;> Hmm, this might actually be a more fundamental issue that perhaps would have been better to solve by storing all those prefs in the kekit add-on prefs, making it scene-independent. I might do that, but probably a temporary solution to “reload prefs into scene” would be enough for now…

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I dont remember what you are referring to, sorry. (please link ref)

yes, adding to list :slight_smile:

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Well, switching SubD on or off, disable auto smooth.

ok, it might be tied to the flat-shading option. Looks like autosmooth toggle works when I enable “flat shade when off”. I guess you might want this to work separately as well? ;>

Ok, when turning that on, it works. Not easy to figure out.

They are connected…It is tricky to explain in that tiny space. (panel)
(thought-out) suggestions of how to present this more clearly are welcome.

But, the toggle alone does not work atm. So i can fix that. It will probably be more logical then.

How about: ‘change normal shading’ yes/no

v2.020 works just fine in Blender 3.1.2. But the same v2.020 toggle doesn’t in Blender 3.3.1.
So many addons are broken with this 3.1->3.2…3.3 transition unfortunately…