keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Yes, i have heard from developer of advanced transform, such behavior would require to be coded in C##, on python level it would be to slow.

nice, it will help a lot!

So I looked into the viewplane aligned transforms: EDIT: maybe after all;> Viewplane locks all set by code here:


For moving it not so necessary but for edge extrude with global and local orientation will be very helpful.

I dunno, people have their favorites ;>
I will start with grab,rotate and scale, and then we’ll see.


I have played around with your Cursor align, and made a little tweak to better aligned on edges. Take a look


It’s a very simple tweak
class KEALIGNCURSOR_OT_kealign_cursor(Operator):
    bl_idname = "kealigncursor.kealign_cursor"
    bl_label = "Cursor Fit & Align v2 (keKIT)"
    bl_description = "Align Cursor by selection for exceptions that not aligned well. Don't works on single Face parallel edges and single edge (or 2 verts of this edge)"
    def execute(self, context):
        bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(
        # checking for face selected
        selFaces = [f for f in bm.faces if]
        # checking for edges selected
        #selEdges = [e for e in bm.edges if]
        # checking for verts selected
        #selVerts = [v for v in bm.verts if]
        if selFaces:
        return {'FINISHED'}

But don’t works on selected parallel edges of one single face… with 2 faces and selecting parallel edges it’s ok
and with single edge selected or two verts of this edge…

I do not seem to able to reproduce those results?
Are you using the latest version of the kit/script?

same with sphere:

Also, this looks a bit risky:


I try to avoid such solutions as far as possible :slight_smile:

yes, it’s just for quick example. To not code saving selection and other…

About Cube

And about Sphere for loops it’s ok, try my example

which version are you using? i rewrote that script in 1.3.

latest one 1.31

curious. have you modified the files in some ways ?
edit: no w8t, now i find something ;D

on certain angles it seems to pick the wrong order, and the rotation is messed up.
I’ll look into that, thank you :slight_smile:

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No, tried uninstall reboot blender and install again - same
Add: curious =)

ayt, had to some more math, but it’s working now ;D
(cant be bothered to record tho ;>)

adding for next version coming soon,
just testing the pie-offset thing first…

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Test this too

probably a request , can you add this tool to keKit


the operator " Duplicate Along Curve " have only one set which is X

Array Modifier is set to X relative value : and Curve Modifier deformation axis is also X by default

my request is add another 2 operator for Y and Z

this certainly speed up some workflow example scenario where it can be applied

1.32 is out!

Regarding Get & Set Material Offset Option:
This is intended for use in pie menus, like this:
pie.operator("view3d.ke_get_set_material", text="Get Material", icon="MATERIAL").offset = (-168,0)
The (-168,0) part is the X and Y offset values. Default is (0,0).
Use negative values for LEFT and DOWN.
I’d recommend TOP and BOTTOM slots, as there is less margin for error, as it still samples the mousepointer, and the pie lables are smaller in Y than in X ;>


I see what you mean. I would maybe add something like that at some point, but I’d want to do it a little fancier…and no time for that atm.
but I can just maybe mod that script and post it here in the meanwhile :wink:
edit: Like this: (3.8 KB)
Not sure how well it works in undo, but otherwise you’d launch it in a pie menu, just like Get & Set Material (or hotkeys), you can see the commands in the file (POS_X etc)


Great update! Pie meny with Get Material working great! Will You add other stuf like add primitive?
Thank You!

thanks i tested its working
another request , can you also set value of 1 ( relative offset - array ) of choosen coordinate

ex. if i choose Y it will 0 out X and Z and add value to Y = 1
if i pick Z , it will 0 out X and Y and add value to Z by 1

Just got this earlier today and its amazing to use. Super fluid and fills the hole Modo’s move tool left :slight_smile:

I drag arrows with the gizmo for precise transforms and G just to throw things around. Rebound G to VPGrab and it’s suuper nice.