keKit for Blender (2.8+)

curious. have you modified the files in some ways ?
edit: no w8t, now i find something ;D

on certain angles it seems to pick the wrong order, and the rotation is messed up.
I’ll look into that, thank you :slight_smile:

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No, tried uninstall reboot blender and install again - same
Add: curious =)

ayt, had to some more math, but it’s working now ;D
(cant be bothered to record tho ;>)

adding for next version coming soon,
just testing the pie-offset thing first…

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Test this too

probably a request , can you add this tool to keKit


the operator " Duplicate Along Curve " have only one set which is X

Array Modifier is set to X relative value : and Curve Modifier deformation axis is also X by default

my request is add another 2 operator for Y and Z

this certainly speed up some workflow example scenario where it can be applied

1.32 is out!

Regarding Get & Set Material Offset Option:
This is intended for use in pie menus, like this:
pie.operator("view3d.ke_get_set_material", text="Get Material", icon="MATERIAL").offset = (-168,0)
The (-168,0) part is the X and Y offset values. Default is (0,0).
Use negative values for LEFT and DOWN.
I’d recommend TOP and BOTTOM slots, as there is less margin for error, as it still samples the mousepointer, and the pie lables are smaller in Y than in X ;>


I see what you mean. I would maybe add something like that at some point, but I’d want to do it a little fancier…and no time for that atm.
but I can just maybe mod that script and post it here in the meanwhile :wink:
edit: Like this: (3.8 KB)
Not sure how well it works in undo, but otherwise you’d launch it in a pie menu, just like Get & Set Material (or hotkeys), you can see the commands in the file (POS_X etc)

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Great update! Pie meny with Get Material working great! Will You add other stuf like add primitive?
Thank You!

thanks i tested its working
another request , can you also set value of 1 ( relative offset - array ) of choosen coordinate

ex. if i choose Y it will 0 out X and Z and add value to Y = 1
if i pick Z , it will 0 out X and Y and add value to Z by 1

Just got this earlier today and its amazing to use. Super fluid and fills the hole Modo’s move tool left :slight_smile:

I drag arrows with the gizmo for precise transforms and G just to throw things around. Rebound G to VPGrab and it’s suuper nice.

Sure! Updated the file in the previous post.

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Hmm not sure, i dont want to add this to every mouse-over script ;D
I should start a poll perhaps, and do the top three. leave your suggestions in this thread :wink:


If you want you can use this Add primitive from HEAVYPOLY config

Summary (10.9 KB)
Install as any other script then just add keymap as on screen.
I think he wouldn’t mind.

Also it easy to modify and add own primitives.

good suggestion!

I prob wont be doing any more primitive tools; I use QBlocker ( like the new prim tool coming in Blender 2.9) as I prefer that method. Combined with Fitprim, for fast(est) Edit-mode modeling…and just spawning unitprims at mousepoint ofc…

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Oh, I forget about your Fitprim … embarrassed
Will add it for that pie menu for super-uber Add primitive pie! :slight_smile:

for any one who wonders, this is my primitive creation setup:

SHIFT-1: fitprim cube, SHIFT-2: *cyl, SHIFT-3: *sphere
ALT-SHIFT-1: fitprim “Make obj” cube, ALT-SHIFT-2: *cyl, ALT-SHIFT-3: *sphere
CTRL-ALT-1: QBlocker cube, CTRL-ALT-2: *cyl, CTRL-ALT-3: *sphere

and if i need some other weird mesh i have the old “add” menu on CTRL-SHIFT-A
(shift-A is my focus hotkey, couldnt shake that habit from modo :wink:
I dont like having basic things like these in menus (pies or not) gotta go fast ;>

edit: Corrected! (also found a context bug on fp-make obj ;D )

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Idea for improving Unrotator:
Add to Unrotator Options “Face Center” and if it chosen appear additional option “Turn angle” like in Loopanar tool

Or not, just idea…

Ah sure :> Fixd. Coming in next version.

EDIT: v1.322 is out!


do you make changes to Cursor fit in v1.322 with this behavior?

cos it still not align well.

No changes recently. It behaves as expected for me. Do you expect a different result? In what way?