keKit for Blender (2.8+)


If you want you can use this Add primitive from HEAVYPOLY config

Summary (10.9 KB)
Install as any other script then just add keymap as on screen.
I think he wouldn’t mind.

Also it easy to modify and add own primitives.

good suggestion!

I prob wont be doing any more primitive tools; I use QBlocker ( like the new prim tool coming in Blender 2.9) as I prefer that method. Combined with Fitprim, for fast(est) Edit-mode modeling…and just spawning unitprims at mousepoint ofc…

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Oh, I forget about your Fitprim … embarrassed
Will add it for that pie menu for super-uber Add primitive pie! :slight_smile:

for any one who wonders, this is my primitive creation setup:

SHIFT-1: fitprim cube, SHIFT-2: *cyl, SHIFT-3: *sphere
ALT-SHIFT-1: fitprim “Make obj” cube, ALT-SHIFT-2: *cyl, ALT-SHIFT-3: *sphere
CTRL-ALT-1: QBlocker cube, CTRL-ALT-2: *cyl, CTRL-ALT-3: *sphere

and if i need some other weird mesh i have the old “add” menu on CTRL-SHIFT-A
(shift-A is my focus hotkey, couldnt shake that habit from modo :wink:
I dont like having basic things like these in menus (pies or not) gotta go fast ;>

edit: Corrected! (also found a context bug on fp-make obj ;D )

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Idea for improving Unrotator:
Add to Unrotator Options “Face Center” and if it chosen appear additional option “Turn angle” like in Loopanar tool

Or not, just idea…

Ah sure :> Fixd. Coming in next version.

EDIT: v1.322 is out!


do you make changes to Cursor fit in v1.322 with this behavior?

cos it still not align well.

No changes recently. It behaves as expected for me. Do you expect a different result? In what way?

like this (v2 its my variant, explained earlier here)

ah, yes. that change was a few updates ago. The method was changed to work much better in the common use scenarios. that particular fit in your example tho; I have never needed that. So, as the current mode is better in 99% of use-cases, I will prb not change it :slight_smile:

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that’s fine, I’ll keep my v2 as additional help in exceptional cases like this one

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Found a little bug with Quick Measure tool.
After selecting not Mesh object, text do not disappear even after re-enable tool and hit Esc.
Need to restart blender.

Maybe add an exception when something other than a Mesh object is selected, then disable the tool.

I thought I did ;D May have skipped something… thx, will check ;>

Idea for 3d cursor (like save workplane in modo)

found here


how are you?
it’s been a while since the last activity.
I have some proposal for ‘Get and Set Edit Mode’:

  • clicking in empty space switch to Object Mode
  • shift+clicking on other object (if you already click and get Edit Mode) - add this object to selection and switch it to Edit mode also
  • clicking in Outliner on mesh object select this object and switch it to Edit mode
  • shift+clicking on other object in Outliner (if you already click and get Edit Mode) - add this object to selection and switch it to Edit mode also

Thanks. Have a good day!

Hey! Yeah, vacation and stuff ;> Thanks for the suggestions - i’ll look into those. Currently wrapping up a new feature for quick measure (real time update using a “saved” selection). pretty handy, will be out soon.

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what is nailgun in modo


v1.33 is out! Quick Measure Update: ‘Freeze Selection’ Mode.


I am running version 1.33, but am trying to align the object pivot location / orientation to an edge selection, as others have asked about I think.

I see you have the new option for “object origin to selection”, but it doesn’t appear to actually rotate/align the Pivot Orientation to an edge i have selected. The pivot rotation seems unchaged or not aligned to the edge vector/direction.