keKit for Blender (2.8+)

that’s fine, I’ll keep my v2 as additional help in exceptional cases like this one

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Found a little bug with Quick Measure tool.
After selecting not Mesh object, text do not disappear even after re-enable tool and hit Esc.
Need to restart blender.

Maybe add an exception when something other than a Mesh object is selected, then disable the tool.

I thought I did ;D May have skipped something… thx, will check ;>

Idea for 3d cursor (like save workplane in modo)

found here


how are you?
it’s been a while since the last activity.
I have some proposal for ‘Get and Set Edit Mode’:

  • clicking in empty space switch to Object Mode
  • shift+clicking on other object (if you already click and get Edit Mode) - add this object to selection and switch it to Edit mode also
  • clicking in Outliner on mesh object select this object and switch it to Edit mode
  • shift+clicking on other object in Outliner (if you already click and get Edit Mode) - add this object to selection and switch it to Edit mode also

Thanks. Have a good day!

Hey! Yeah, vacation and stuff ;> Thanks for the suggestions - i’ll look into those. Currently wrapping up a new feature for quick measure (real time update using a “saved” selection). pretty handy, will be out soon.

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what is nailgun in modo


v1.33 is out! Quick Measure Update: ‘Freeze Selection’ Mode.


I am running version 1.33, but am trying to align the object pivot location / orientation to an edge selection, as others have asked about I think.

I see you have the new option for “object origin to selection”, but it doesn’t appear to actually rotate/align the Pivot Orientation to an edge i have selected. The pivot rotation seems unchaged or not aligned to the edge vector/direction.

It is not called “Align Origin to selection” for this reason, as the intended function is to simply move the origin.
Use Align Origin to Cursor (after you place the cursor with Cursor Fit & Align if you need proper alignment). I suppose I could make a macro out of these…
If you want the entire object to re-align to the selection, and not just the origin, use Unrotator.

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v1.34 is out!
Maybe I should rename “Bridge Or Fill” to F3? ;>


I started to make my own addon / operator to do what I mentioned. I’ll see how that goes. I got some base functionality working using code from other addons I made, but we’ll see if this ends up working well enough or not.

But if you decided to add it to yours, that would be great to! No problem if not.

Thank you!

Included in 1.34 ;>
(check release notes)


awesome, thank you! I’ll check it out!


just a suggestion for better UI visualization “Align Origin to Cursor”
minimized clicks to 1 =)
maybe even without text “Align”

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Thanks ! at the moment that’s what it does (location and rotation) but I would rather have those option separate and maybe you can make a macro that does both together using “pie menu editor” addon.

@Kiellog is it possible to separate those options. I downloaded the latest version and when I click align the center to the selection it also moves the center.

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what pie menu do you need, make a mock-up or screen from modo, I’ll try to recreate it.

I think you use old version, 1.34 have that options in bottom left menu (called “Adjust Last Operation” menu).


G-B, I’ll look into adding those for Align Origin to Selected. (i think u were referring to this new one?)
Redo will prob not work for this macro…EDIT: No it works, nevermind ;>

APEC, I’ll look into adding those options available in the menu, for both AOTS and AOTC

EDIT: wip: (APEC’s mockup was in the redo-panel, I dont think I have any control over that tho.)


Great addon by the way. I think now we only need a “linear falloff” and a “constrain to background” to make it perfect. :slight_smile: