keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Maybe it conflict with some values?

Hmm. I think the default is euler, and other things may take that for granted. I will add a check and apply whatever the user has set and restore it post op, should solve any such issues.

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v1.372 Released!

Bug fix release, but a couple of new tools too:


Hi. I am the developer of Set Precise Mesh. Thank you for fixing this bug. The problem was in “bpy.context.scene.cursor.rotation_mode” or not?

Yeah, The issue was that I set 3d cursor rotation it to quaternion. Any user can change this from default though, I’d recommend you check for this too, to avoid any issues. (I simply reset to default afterwards if set to quaternion now,or user setting otherwise)

I see your tool is growing.
You can save some space with Save Kit Settings relocating to the tool name like in Render Button addon. See how he add icons to the tool name.

Yup, I am considering condensing a lot more, especially less-used items (and hotkey-only items) can easily be just icons instead.


Have you ever compared two objects by switching between them?
How do you think is it possible to create such functionality?
Switching visibility between two or more objects…
Found this

but it seems abandoned…not working in 2.90+
The problem is in (I think)
# Select objects marked in outliner
script just deselect objects and cant get selected again for toggling…

Hey. I know there has been a bit of work on the outliner, and that operator is still undocumented, so I dont really know what’s going on…but, I just added a selection on the hiding parts, which makes the toggling work, but now they appear unselected in the outliner? Maybe thats good enough for now? (2.8 KB)

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Yes, thank you!
It’s enough for me.

I made some investigation and found this
if put = o (or = o as we have objs = context.view_layer.objects at the bottom) after # Re-hide others

        # Re-hide others
        for o in hid_objs:
            if not o.select_get():
        = o
        return {'FINISHED'}

object become active after switching
but there is one big BUT, it’s not keep selection, so it unhide all hidden objects also)
Thanks for your time, I’ll write PM to the author for update.

v1.373 Released!


I like new looking. Thank you!

Found one thing, if you in local view and use “Get & Set Edit mode” on empty space, but there is geometry hidden by local view, it still selecting that geometry (seen in outliner).

just dropping by to say I really appreciate this add-on. I use the “cursor fit and align” in every project. Keep up the good work with this add-on and lets hope some of your scripts get a spot on the main branch one day.

Thanks! Reg. the main branch, any one working on the cursor bits are welcome to implement a variant ofc. I don’t follow all the main developments very deeply so I don’t even know if something like this is in the pipe already or not.

APEC: Ah, I can prob check for that.


v1.374 is out, just a couple of minor bugfixes.


Any plans for saving cursor rot&pos like workplanes in modo?
Similar to this



No, not really. Out of curiosity, what would be a use-case scenario?

For example, I have an object with dif position and rotation of origin and I set cursor for adding some detail “A”, then I realign cursor for other part of mesh and add/manipulate with elements “B”, and then I realize that I need to reposition detail “A” with saved rotation angles from first cursor pos&rot.
In this case I need to find that first element which was for aligning cursor…

ah, sure. I figured it would be for something likte that. like radial arrays that you cold store positions for and such. it would be pretty easy to implement, so I’ll squeeze it in at some point ,)

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