keKit for Blender (2.8+)

v1.421 is up ;>


Well, it depends of what are you doing. In some cases it preserves the selections, in some not unfortunately :frowning:

So, this “buffer” is called bmesh data? Can we access it through blender’s standard interface?

no, the bmesh issue, that was in my script. On that script, i’m not sure how the buffers work, I assume they just store the element indices in a property, and if they are changed (if you delete a face or something) they will no longer be valid. but it’s not really related to dlc ;>

Well it could be cool idea to use it as selection sets. Instead of Vertex Groups and Face Maps. As far as we can’t store edges atm

The 1.421 version also fixes the issues I was experiencing, thanks!

Indeed, though it would be interesting to see whether that causes any performance hits. I recall there being discussions on adding edge groups to Blender natively, so various addons could make use of the feature set. There are several ideas about this on rightclickselect.

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I had actually not thought about there being no edge selection set ;D

this might suffice? Forgotten tools
(not free though,edit: yes, direct dl is free. has a a bunch of neat features)


Noticed that at some steep angles Direct Loop Cut doesn’t cut at the same position as the cursor.
Also with some geometry (N-gones related?) it doesn’t cut (however the same with the default Loop Cut)

correct, non-quad loops will not work, just like the regular loop cut. solving the direction in an ngon (or tri) is maybe possible, but I’m not going down that rabbit hole ;>

As for the steep angles, yes, it is based on mouse position relative to the closest vert at the moment, Hm, I think I can improve this by using the raycasting surface hit instead (in some cases). I will look into it.

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Sure, it isn’t some vital feature :slight_smile:

Yeah, it could be better

more beta testing? ;> (soon) some issues still

Suuuure! It’s the least I can do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here ya go. (11.5 KB)
should work much better.
also, there is a known limitation where you -sometimes- cant start on edges that belong to a non-quad. should work still (if the other way is clean). looking into that as well.
edit: Fixed ;> will post updated version on gumroad soon.

Now it works freaking-breaking-mreaking awesome at any angles! :partying_face:
It’s becoming my favorite tool for such tasks!

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Also noticed some strange behavior if >1 edge selected and the cursor isn’t under them

edit: ah, saw the vid. yes, each selected edge will be cut in “multislice” mode like that:

But, it will slice them even if they are on the same ring. only really intended for loop-type selections (pic), but I dunno, bug or feature ;D

I might add an option to disable multislice, it makes sense to just use vanilla loop cut if you want centercuts , esp. with several cuts/counter, and just using DLC for the “insert loop cut” with limit-faces. (even though you can only cut one ring at a time with regular loop cut)

Ok , got it how to use it :grinning:

It’s the same in Max despite having the best loopcut in all DCCs, I’m pretty sure it’s quite difficult to solve.

DLC v2, the video :wink:


With voice-over this time? :+1:

“E” , “F” hotkeys - didn’t know about it.
Hmm, can’t find where they mapped… Any advice?

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Those are default modal hotkeys for edge-slide I think, when you are GG-“sliding”.

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