keKit for Blender (2.8+)

I’ve tried, but it’s not the effect I want. I used maya 3DMAX, which has a button to keep on. In this way, I don’t have to use edge side every time I move a point. I just need to move it. It’s a very professional tool, which is usually used when I need to clean up the topoly of the model

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Just thinking, it could be handy to use backspace to ‘reset’ the cursor/ view bookmarks, just like in the rest of the Blender UI. In my opition there is no need for any additional buttons (hotkeying these don’t make sense anyways), users could be made aware through the tooltip message?

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I see what you are after, indeed, that could be handy. If you click and drag to move vertices, then you’d need a “edge constraint move tool”, in blender terms: a slide mode as active tool. So you would enable the slide tool to then click and drag to move any edge/ vertex with ‘edge constraints’.
I can see a G > Context slide (single use) and GG > “edge constraint move tool” (multi-use) configuration.

Yes, you explained it very clearly,I’ve been using blender for some time. I used some plug-ins to make up for the professionalism of blender modeling module. In fact, some people have requested this function in the forum for a long time. This is a relatively vacant function for blender, because Blender’s development goal is not professional modeling software. As a high-level modeler, Notice that this function is needed to maintain the curvature of the model, improve the topology routing

Kiellog, I have a bit of a weird question. Since (by looking at sheer amount of functionalities) you’re more or less creating your own Blender from ground up and I’m sure at some point you’ll create a better renderer as well :yum: is there a way to recreate this tool? It’s very usefull and cool, but it’s dead and the guy is not responding for a long time now. Is there a way to make your version of it or tweak it a bit and incorporate it?

Sorry to butt-in, but doesn’t the Tissue Addon solve your needs (comes with blender by default)?

reg. view/cursor bookmarks, yes, I will be adding clearer tooltips (icon on the panel menu itself) explaining how to clear slots etc… (there is an update coming shortly)

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Yes, it is unfortunate how underdeveloped the basic modeling tools are. As you say, they have different plans. As for me, It might seem simple enough, but it gets tricky fast, and I’m done with sliding things for a while ;>

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Blender’s current development focus is not on modeling. It seems that modeling tools have not been updated and optimized for a long time


Time for a good ole maintenance update:
v1.424 is up!


Hi, Kiellog! have kind of a suggestion- is it possible to make a tool for aligning 3d cursor ‘perpendicular to view’? something like this (for now i create a plane for such situations). Thank you for all.3dCa

hmm, i would select 4 verts, or the border edges, for that selection? (fit&align, select stuff, and then zeroscale cursor or what not) - might be doable with a one click thing ofc, but a bit niche ;>
edit: You can, in this case, convert selection to verts, fit&align, move cursor (so you dont have to reselect at all)

edit: you can also select 2 verts, fit&align, to make sure the Z axis is pointing from vert 1 to 2:
(and then just move the cursor wherever)

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Hi again:)
Maybe Dupe possible to realize as TTDupe?

yes, all the tools are there - so why not ;> (adding to list)

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Not writing awhile, but looked at your work closely.
Gorgeous addon, can’t even imagine using blender without it.

Can this options
be on/off by checkbox in keKit addon preferences?
only for that area. Can be on by default.

Also, “Cursor Fit & Align” (with checkbox on) in Object mode do not align at origin rotation angles. Is it possible to make it align?
And it does not recognize multiple objects selection. Would be great if with multiple objects selected it calculate middle point with rotations. For example I select two objects then use “Cursor Fit & Align” and it move cursor with rotation between two object origins.

Hiding the state-icons? yes; image
The “hide” checkbox. I should’ve mentioned it in the wiki, but didn’t…

(I will look into the obj align thing)
edit: it works like this: if you point ON the object, it will place the cursor in the center of the face under the mouse. it you have the object selected but point in space, it will match the object rotation. This has multiple use cases in one tool. But i have missed updating docs again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I can add multi object align, sure :slight_smile:


thanks! exactly what I needed

v1.425 is up!

Unrotator now has a (temporary) modal object surface snap mode, for when you just want to surface snap real quick, and dont want to fiddle with snapping settings (settings are restored after)
Notes etc:


Unrotator - awesome tool! Love it so much!

@Kiellog , if you touched Get & Set Edit Mode, I have an idea I hope you could be interested in.
There is a script(or is it by default, not sure) in Modo - when you click MMB on/near a poly/edge/vert it switches the mode accordingly. Quite handy feature, honestly. Probably it could be implemented in keKITT by extending Get & Set Edit Mode functionality?

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