keKit for Blender (2.8+)

First edition is out, vanilla style more or less. I will add those other defaults later. (flat option is included)
EDIT: Eeh, couldn’t sleep anyways, updated ;>


One little bug with “Flat Shade L0” it set for SDS 2lvl, not for 0lvl.

And suggestion for UI:
keKit SubD Tool
For “Set” buttons use that trick with depress=True/False (I think its possible to check, if no then just simple button there). Or even better just icons checking (CHECKBOX_DEHLT, CHECKBOX_HLT)
And for Boundary row you can use row.scale_x = 1 and row.scale_x = 0.3 (for example) for buttons depend of your layout.
Also in row.label(text=" Boundary") you have extra space at the beginning of a word.
And maybe change for Flat shade for SDS L0

Thanks for your gorgeous addon!

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Ah whoops, went a little too fast with the updates there ;D ill fix it up later today.

also add optimal display to the options…

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Updated, v1.395!

APEC, I compacted the UI a bit, but I didn’t end up going with set buttons as per your suggestion;
It just looked like you are applying the setting, as it is in the options part. Sharing the default (new) subd values for Toggle as well as using them for the “Set” functions is confusing enough ;> (but I did not want two sets of props). One just has to remember to change them back if using Set temporarily…maybe Iäll separate them a bit in the future. a pop up choice for set or sometihng.

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It’s fine. Agree with you. Thanks for update!
Forgot to mention about this
it also should be active.

And I found that I cant assign keymap in Edit mode for some reason.
It’s add to Object section only. Maybe it should be in 3D View (Global) section?
Was able to add it manually in 3D View (Global).

ah! yes, i did go and make it all work in edit mode so I guess i should have used a view3d operator ;D

operator change incoming…
edit: I will add Edit On Cage as an option for new subds toggled on. (I actually like the cage ;>)

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Updated! Do note I changed the operator type so you prob have to manually remove old hotkey(s).


Now the super tool!

And about Mouse Mirror/Flip Cursor, can it optionally respect cursor rotation?

no rush, just a suggestion

Yes, but it will prob be global only for a while: I am planning rewrite the whole thing (flip/mirror), but I dont know when.

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Thank you so much for adding Mouse Axis Rotate and Scale Variants! It’s working amazing!

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Kiellog, hi!
Is it possible to implement anyhow (add to snap pie for example) snap combos (vert+nearest, face+median+rotate, etc)?
Thank you!

ah, interesting suggestion. similar to the Orientation & Pivot Combos. I’d probably do it a little simpler, like “bookmark” the current snapping settings into a couple of combo slots instead of the OPC menu system. adding to the to-do list.

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v1.399 is out! Snapping combos v1. Seems very promising, let me now :>


Noooo waaay… thank you!