keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Hey. It is a bit unclear what your are trying to do, just to be clear; the prefs file does not contain any hotkeys. it is just the settings for the tools in the kit.
If you are moving to a different blender install, you need to migrate your hotkeys as well (blender preferences, export keyconfig (from the old install) and then import (in the new install).

Apologies. I made a mess explaining and including irrelevant info I didn’t elaborate. I have two of the same portable Blender versions. One servs as “master” with 1.403 kit and the other as test version where I try out plugins, mess with keymaps and so on (in general I use it to learn Blender and how preferences work).

In short, I updated from 1.403 to 1.404 but I can’t keep hotkeys for it for some reason.
Then, as a ditch effort I tried copying the ke_pref file from master Blender folder (1.403 kit) to test (where I installed 1.404) hoping I would keep my keys, but still doesn’t work.

How do I keep hotkeys between kekit versions? :grimacing:

No worries. There was no operator changes between 403 and 404, so there should not be any problems from a kit perspective. But, as I said, the kekit prefs does not contain any hotkeys. Hotkeys are handled (by you) in the Blender keyconfig, in the regular blender preferences. I dont understand how the hotkeys stopped working in a blender install that had 403, upgraded to 404. It seems to me that this is keyconfig related, I’d suggest you try exporting a working keyconfig from 403, and import that keyconfig into the other install. Clear out “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\presets\keyconfig” of any old keyconfigs also. backup all the keyconfigs somewhere just in case. Dont know if I can help you any beyond this tho!

I’m using blender portable with this treeline

  └ Portable_Data
  └ Blender.exe
  └ BlenderPortable.bat

I use Modo to Blender Simple Key Config v1.3 which is in Config dir.
For some reason the hotkeys don’t stay when I update the kit so I had to copy the userpref.blend from 1.403 portable to the other portable where I installed 1.404. Now it works but I still wonder why it wont keep it.

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Ah good, your sorted then. (Not sure what is expected behavior there, I have never used portable :wink: )

Yeah, sorted out. Two unrelated questions thought. Will you be adding radial array as well to complement linear and do you have Nailgun addon done for Blender?

radial: Not really planning on it, there are many solutions already, some free (“jmesh tools” I think, for example) but I might add my own variant anyways at some point, if I feel like it ;>
nailgun: No, I will probably wait until the new blender asset-manager is good and ready first, as I might want to use that. (Unrotator dupe (no snapping) works ok in the meantime ;> )

Radial: Well it would be nice to have a rounded out array feature and not having to jump between addons.
Nailgun: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… ok, will check unrorator dupe :yum:

keKit v1.405 is out! Bugfixes and some QoL tweaks.


is it possible to do something with this behavior?
When add SDS modifier in Edit Mode and then Undo (Ctrl+Z) it continue stay in SDS but loose Shade Smooth


Hmm. the edit mode is macro’d a bit, so there are more undo-steps. Undo a few times, or, switch to object mode, then its one undo. I dont think I can do much about that tho.

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Hey Kjell!

What a great new features and menus (just got my hands at this year’s update)! :clap:

keStepRotate - really, really nice functionality! I had something similar in Modo. It’s much faster than typing +90/-90 every time :wink:

Regarding SubD Toggle. I think it could be improved even further by having an opportunity to change the SubD level (+1/-1) by using hotkeys. Like it’s in Modo or in “Neltulz - Quick SubD” addon.

Subd levels - by default in vanilla blender you can change levels in object mode with CTRL-1,2,3,etc. Works pretty well imho? edit: ah, you want +/- stepping? well sure ;>

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Yeah, you right - +/- stepping [0…3,4,5…etc]. In Modo it’s Alt+/- by default. In Blender I set Ctrl Page Up/Down (in Neltulz addon). Ctrl 1,2,3 - is wasting valuable hotkeys (sorry core blender ppl, it’s just my humble opinion :wink: )