keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Strange. This is all I’m doing there:

Really basic standard stuff. If Scatter is doing something that doesn’t play nice with this, not much I can do on my end. (It is quite likely I may have missed something, we’ll see what Dorian comes up with ;> )

update: Dorian did find one mistake I had made, it has been fixed. However, Scatter will also need an update for other reasons, but I’m done on my end :wink:
update2: Scatter5 Open Beta - #2241 by BD3D

Hey, man! Could you plz explain how ya made such a pie with lots of buttons?

Sorry for offtopic

How do you select face loops & rings once you have context select enabled? (selects the whole thing when you double click)

I wonder if there is a way to do similar as what you had in Modo with the L hotkey?

Hey. In blender, you would use mesh.edgering_select (bound to some mouse-hotkey, ex: shift-alt LMB or something) to select the loops where you indicate loop direction based on face-edge nearest mouse (which would be fewer clicks, actually)

Duplicate linked toggle is great! Been using it a lot :smiley:

An issue I’ve run into is trying to duplicate a hierarchy, I get this error:

Going “Object → Duplicate Objects” when having the parent selected works as expected.

Are you selecting a collection or empty? Should work when selecting parented mesh objects directly (clicking each one) (you get a duplicate hierarchy) I could probably check for whatever arrangement you’ve got there, but I need more info on the process there.
ed: lasso selecting does not work so I’ll check that ;>
ed2: workaround - make sure the active object is a mesh.

I use Mashin3Tools with his grouping, basically just creating an empty and parenting selected objects to the empty. I tried your duplicate with an object as parent and that works without issue.
An empty is probably something separate from mesh so the command fails.
Would it be possible to add a check and duplicate empties as well?

yes, but;
PSA : updates will be slow over the summer (due to work, vacation and, stuff) :slight_smile:

Note, that there is a duplicate group tool as well.