keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Can confirm, will add to the list :slight_smile:
(unfortunately a bit busy atm so it might be while)

edit: Update released


Another issue I noticed today with those transform tools: they don’t take proportional editing into account!

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can confirm, simple fix, will be in next update.
edit: fixed (released soonish)


Maybe I’ve missed it but is there a way to get “mouse axis” movement/scaling into the UV editor? Would be really nice to have it auto-lock to one axis, especially when working with trims and decal machine


It does not currently work in 2d. It would not be very hard to do, I will look into it. (MouseAxisMove working in 2d editors). TBD ;>

EDIT: Update released!


Hi @Kiellog, I recently came across this 3ds Max script for context sensitive working pivot manipulation (i.e. the 3d cursor) which looks really interesting in terms of shortcut efficiency as you only need one and I think that something similar for Blender would be a huge workflow improvement.

What do you think implementing this in Kekit?


This sounds like my Cursor Fit & Align script?


Thanks! Feels really nice to use, love this script more and more

I dd a very simple script that does: Switch to camera view, enable sync to camera, and set the frame to full size. If a camera object was selected it males the obj the actual camera
Another script, set the selected object to shade smooth and set auto smooth on and to 40% like in Modo.
Also I use SubD modifier to have corner option on when added. Like Modo does.
One thing I plan to do is set viewport visibility (often off after import and not visible icon) to be on in all objects.

I wonder if thats needed in your kit, as its mimics what other apps do.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Subds: I already have a customizable SubD toggle system that does what I need, and I create my primitives with Autosmooth on already by default instead (using fitprim ops, or default scene cube).

Camera:I may have gotten used to do camera things the “blender way”. To some peoples surprise, I’m not actually trying to turn Blender into Modo ;>

VP show/hide: Hmm, Is that not just Unhide All ? (Alt-h)