keKit for Blender (2.8+)

  1. Thanks ‘screen.ke_frame_view’ is the command. remapped it to shift+A… Would be cool to have that work for node editor too.

  2. Its a drag operation, so only when pulling on an open edge it extend the edge along the selected axis. If you selected polygons it duplicate the polygons. And it works for objects too. So basically you click on the axis of the gizmo and then move it. I know it all exist in Blender, but I found it easy to work with, especially doing it different based on the selection.

  1. Personally, I have set Context Extrude to my modifier keys of choice (it does TT tools auto constraints by plane/ axis, so I don’t have the Gizmo checkbox enabled. But you can add it to the keymap (or duplicate the existing one) set it to be mouse release and check shift and alt, when you hold the modifiers and release the mouse, it will extrude an edge. Click to confirm, when the modifiers are still pressed, it then does another extrude (click is press + release) until you stop holding the modifier keys, then click to confirm the final segment. Look a dozen or so posts up, I mentioned it there too.

E: duplicating polys is another thing, there’s no solution to that AFAICT.

hey guys i think this addon, performs better because the sliding and pinch options… Connect Edges - #49 by Jrome

Do you mean better than Context Connect? These scripts solves different tasks (as far as I can tell after watching the demos on the main page of the Connect Edges addon)

i mean the additional options…

I think I once opted to merge the Connect Edges tool with Context Connect when in edge mode. Both tools are incredibly powerful on their own, imagine them combined :slightly_smiling_face:

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isnt this “connect edges” similar to Ke MultiCut?

As @Antony said, the tools serve different purposes. Whereas Context connect immediately connects edges, Jrome’s Connect Edges is a modal tool, so you can activate different options through hotkeys. So there’s the trade-of between availability of additional options versus the extra click to confirm all these options, i.e. Context Connect is hotkey > done, Connect Edges is hotkey > click to confirm > done.
On the other hand, Connect Edges does not require fiddling with a redo last menu.

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but im talking about multicut

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It looks like they’re very similar

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As there now is direct mode switching in vanilla Blender, these will be removed from keKit in the next release. I suggest you remove “ke_selmode” entries and use the new default ones. if you haven’t done so already.

Hmm… haven’t noticed this new mode in vanilla Blender. So , is it identical to your Direct Element? Using it as my default switcher

translater says: PSA - “prostate-specific antigen”? :crazy_face:

it is not a new mode, it is two new operators (one for edit mode and one for object mode), similar to ke_selmode. I wont go into this here, I’m sure there were some BF release notes, or some documentation.

You can try it out by temporarily switching to default keymap (or ind.comp.)
Remember to save any custom keymap tho.


Thanks! I’ll look into it after new release.

I’d like to ask. We can change values in any form by holding CTRL+wheel Up/Down. Is there a way to change it to ALT+wheel Up/Down? I use Maya Alt navigation, and ALT key mapped on my side mouse button. It would be more convenient if I can use only one hand for scrolling values

Good question. I do not know tho :slight_smile:

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It’s probably hard-coded somewhere. I couldn’t find it anywhere at the keymap

RE: Direct edit

It has actually been there for quite a while, see:


Is it possible to simplify? enhance? the Knife Project tool? Select two objects, have the last selection project onto the first based on intersection? Similar to how Seneca’s modo scripts had a “Stencil” operation mixed in with the boolean operators.

For reference:

It’s already here but intersected surface need to be in one mesh.


Is the preference location for Kekit hardcoded to this path: %AppData%\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.0\scripts?
I wanted to move it over to the config folder and place the preferences in a Kekit folder, but I cannot seem to change the path in the addon’s preferences.