Kendo Character


as a first model I tried to create a character wearing the necessary equipment for the fighting sport kendo.

Here is my result…

I’d wish i could rig him so i could make an animation video with two of these guys,
but unluckily I get stuck with the arm rig…

Well anyway,
hope somebody likes this :]

Thanks for your attention

P.S. maybe i should add some hair… ^^

to create a biped-rig for Blender-2.59.x
just use the built-in armature.

Shift-A … append armature, but not a single bone,
append the biped skeleton (human meta rig).
Then wheight-paint the body-parts to the bones for deformation.

Nice thing for this default rig, you can later … or first to try it,
enable the creation of the rigify-addon and run it for it and
you get a quick-usable setup for animation (with shapes).

Obvious lack of anatomy knowledge.

not very bad, but you are lacking quite a few key points of anatomy as Freemind stated…pull up a picture of the anatomy wheel (front and back) and take a look at the points you have missed…the largest points are in the shoulder and upper back regions

Excuse FreeMind’s apparent incapability of providing constructive criticism.

You might want to look at this tutorial:
It handles the basic muscles you’ll want to work around.

wow, thank you for your feedback, tutorials and add-ons.

I’m happy that I found a forum where i can actualy get some help to improve my skills :]

mmh … i think there are no special muscles visible for a Kendo-sportsman?
Besides the “armor”, the rest is covered by special clothes.

from wikipedia
does not work for direkt link-in:

next try:

It’s more about how the mesh deforms + topology.
If you follow the right muscles and get good edge flow, the mesh will look and animate more naturally.

Yes we are wearing clothes over the upper part of the body, called Gi.
(I’m practicing kendo myself since 2years) (but thank you very much for your researches :] )

I tried to create this “Gi” a few times but I failed very hard.
And I guess it will be much easier to animate the guy without it.

Besides the whole model could look much more interesting when you can see some muscles.
(what do you think)

I think I’ll start working on a new body and try another Gi later…