Kenoshi's Paintings

I have recently been trying to learn how to paint with Gimp and a tablet. On this thread I hope to post all of my latest paintings in hopes of getting critiques so that I can improve. So, posted below are my latest two paintings, one of a dragon, and one of an alien.

NOTE: The alien is supposed to be standing in a corridor with an explosion in the background, I’m not sure if that is as clear as I had hoped

So, any critiques, suggestions, or links to useful reading material would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:



Your use of colour and lighting is quite good, as the overall balance of objects against each other. And from the looks of it, you are quite prepared to spend some serious time on the works.

I’ll critic the first one only, as the second is too abstract for me, for now. If you can put a story to it, this may help.

The first one - the brick, and door is done quite well, but it fails on the dramatic overtone of a dragon breathing flames on ones doorstep. I am quite lost on how a small dragon can spew that much flame with no smoke. I think you can more justice to this image - you certainly have the skill for it. A bit of lighting in the hills, mayhap an outline of a bat or two fleeing. Cliche it may be, but some things are consitent in scenarios.

All the best!