Kenpachi Zaraki

So I was reading through the Bleach manga and this guy caught me eye so I’ve begun to make a model of him, face first.

and some wires

Comments and critques appreciated.

"Oh Ichigo, if you dropped in, why don’t you come say hello to me?

  • Then we can have any duel all out "

Haha, I love Zaraki.

Keep up the good work man, I’ll be watching this thread.

I should try to make another character as well after my exam.

Urahara Kisuke or Hitsugaya Toshirou or maybe Kuchiki Byakuya would be a nice characters to model :slight_smile:

By the way, your Zaraki Kenpachi’s face is a bit thin, don’t you think?

I know he has an evil face but it’s a bit thin for the overall face proportions.

Haha, keep it up hey?

looking good! I really like the manga myself :smiley: though could you render it with the light showing the whole face rather than the side? so we can see more of it and C&C it more easily.

There are some odd bumps around. Especially the one on the eyeball(?) Think
more smooth when you model. Maybe just go through your mesh for a bit, and
smoothen out any unnecessary bumps.

Maybe also extrude the mouth further inwards, to elimintate the see-through
of the mouth’s edges.

Apart from that, good start. Keep your stuff clean and smoother, and keep
working on it! :slight_smile:

Is this still going?


@Wolf > Yes it is still going, I have been a extremely busy with end of term projects. As for the face being super thin I blame it on the picture I took for reference, but I am working on finding better pictures so if you know of any they would be much appreciated. I can post a .blend if you would like to mess with it while I muck through school.

@Radscientist >


@Mathias > The majority of the bumps on the mesh were from his intense expression, and the ones on the eye are from the faulty method I used to make them, I’ll go back through and rework the topology so that the face comes out smoother. Thanks for the suggestion on the mouth I’ve pulled than a bit farther in.

i think the mouth could use a bit of work, but other than that, looks sick.

Here’s a whole site for Bleach pictures:

Here’s the collection of Zaraki Kenpachi pictures from that site:

hi. i am a big bleach fan, and when i saw you doing my cute litle kenpachi, i just had to come over! teehee. i like how he is coming along. or have you stopped doing him?

Whoa… revival of a year old thread…
it would have been nice to have a 3d bleach model. :\

I still would like to finish this model off, I have been caught up in my school work so my time for personal 3d works has been rather limited.

I’ll be running in to similar end of term projects(as mentioned in my year old post above ^_^; ) in a few weeks so I can’t say that I can commit to finishing the model now.

Until then here are all the resources and files in the project in case anyone else would like to give it a shot.

and heres what has been distracting me from Zaraki in the last few weeks,

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I’ll try and finish off zaraki my self over the next few weeks since there is renewed interest.