Kenshiro (fake hand drawn black & white)

Hi there,

after my first manga character, Momo
- child version
- and teen version

I decided to try a new approach to have a bit more freedom, especially with the face. So I made the face of Kenshiro, my favorite character, from the famous manga Hokuto No Ken.

I used flat meshes, except for the hair.

  • so easy to shape
  • easy to deform in wild ways. Necessary with manga characters, though not so much with Kenshiro, since he’s very stoic.

The cost ?

  • I’m limited to a single point of view

The original Kenshiro (so much better…), for a comparison

Hope you’ll enjoy.
Possibly the rest of his body coming, or a different angle, or a different character in the same style.

Colored version, and worked a bit on his ears.
I prefer the monochrome version

Quick mouth “animation”, and improved the hair shader.

Moolah, I see what you mean. Perhaps it’s more the animation that makes it look like glass. When it’s static it doesn’t look like it.

I had a look at your thread, I’m not sure I understand how you did it, I never used the hair factory. It looks nice, but you seem to have difficulties making really dense hair.

My approach is the quickest I found to make and animate for this kind of character’s hair, except it’s hard to have lots of small strands (that’s where your approach shines). I use nurbs curves with physics, except for this Kenshiro here, I used the wave modifier on each strand. That’s why it also looks like he has snakes on his head HAHA.

Still experimenting…

Hair factory is just a nice method to “bake” BI hair then use it as texture (without manually drawing in a graphic editor)
About Kenshiro’s hair - I didn’t noticed a lot of movement (although I started to see it when you said). Looks like a glass material with refractions or reflections. It’s the impression.
I’m answered about stuff of mine in Denis’ thread.

Oh ok, I thought hair factory was creating the strands. Then it’s not useful for me.

I added eyelid movement, and had a bit of fun with what he’s saying :slight_smile:

Looks like he says: “Whatever! Blender rocks…” :wink: He’s very calm. Eyelid animation is good!

HAHA, yes that’s what I like with Kenshiro: he’s as expressive as a stone :slight_smile:

Even in front of a 8 feet tall killing machine, all he does is crack his knuckles while telling the guy to step aside if he wants to stay alive. Then everyone jumps on Ken, and he kills all of them bad guys.

Moolah, you said you did “the same in flash”, do you have a link to it, I’d like to see.

Next I’ll try one of his brothers’ face: Toki.

How to insert .swf here?

I’m not sure you can, but just put a link to it, unless you don’t have it hosted online ?

Nice! That is my all time favorite manga.

You’re already dead.-Kenshiro

Thanks @cmomoney :slight_smile:
Yes, you don’t know it yet, but … SPLASH :smiley:

No, it’s not online… I can send you via e-mail.

How big is the file ?

Very small, about 70k.

Ok, you can send it to me if you wish
[email protected]

Just played in the same style but with a completely different character

Tears looks strange. And no specs…

I was just playing quickly.
I wonder what it’d look like with spec though, it could make the tears pop up more, but I don’t want them to take the focus away from the eyes. I may give it a try.

Ok, as I’m (re)watching GTO, I got some inspiration.

Added volume and spec to the tears. And back to colors.