Kenworth K100

Well, I started this a while back. Upgraded some stuff, been working on hardware issues, so just getting back to actually doing something in blender. I’m setting it up for cycles, that’s the first image, second is sent to EEVEE in a scene I made for a weekend challenge, then tweaked for this. Anyways, obviously still has a lottsa work to be finished. Opinions?


Working on it slowly. Here is a list of the current updates.

Rotated the visor, thought it looked a little to squished overall. I think it looks a little more natural at this angle.
Tweaked the chrome to be a smidge glossier, prolly wont be the last time I tweak it.
Made new wheels. the old ones were pretty terrible place holders. I think the front wheels will look better after I put the brakes on.
Peppered the cab with rivets, and put a couple of creases for body panel lines.
Put the exhaust pipe brace on the back.
Put a door handle on, not sure i’m totally happy with it. will probably remake it a couple more times until i’m happy… or satisfied.

Changed the color. I didn’t realize until I bumped into a descriptor on a reference photo that apparently there was a movie made with the red paint job. The movie truck was a aerodyne though. Those have the big ugly raised sleeper with windows. Haven’t decided if the green is nicer or not.
Put a air intake on
installed a engine (its pretty low detail. may put a screen over the hole in the back of the cab
shortened the height of the frame. I think my blue print was off there. So I eyeballed it.
lengthened the fuel tank.
Made a rough draft of trailer

nice work

are you going to share it on Blendswap may be?

did you do it in cycles and eevee?

happy cl

To tell you the truth, I hadn’t really thought about putting it on blendswap. I will consider it.
I am primarily setting it up for cycles. I like the look and feel of cycles. The night shot was in EEVEE, which I like for the ease of dark lit scenes. Right off the bat EEVEE has a little more of a cartoonish feel, A little tweaking and I think it feels better. I personally prefer the cycles look overall… at least for this project :wink:

I think EEVEE require more fine tuning then Cycles
and can be a good approximation but way faster!

I did a Peterbuild truck which was fun
but not easy to get the different trailer type

happy cl

Messing with trailer. Havn’t decided if I like the ribs on the trailer sheeting, or the quilted rear door. still needs a lot of work. Just ideas right now. If I don’t like it, I will probably sell this design to a farmer so he can park it next to his barn and store junk in it.