Kerkeythea Implimentation is upon us.

I can’t belive that no one said this yet (I don’t think).

This is really cool, as Kerkeythea is a really fast renderer. It’s getting implemented liek Yafray, but as it says in the post, don’t expect anything super fancy, right now.

But I must say, I like having several renderers.

:DI like kerkythea renderer very fast GI simulation,really very cool.

Thanks for your link.

Awesome. Still needs a little improvement though.

Otherwise, awesome.


lets hope there will also be an OS X version of K.

the integration or connection of K to blender is great news.

Noooooooooooooo! That would be so cool.

It can render particles already. I was a bit surprized. That was fast.

well I haven’t succeeded in exporting and rendering anything decent in K yet so this might bring me closer to that - having a few choices is good

you got particles working?